Model having her Hollywood moment


Ally Dubuc of Cheshire, Conn. described a moment that seems straight out of an old Hollywood movie.

Just before the pandemic hit, in February 2020, the 2014 graduate of Cheshire High School was walking across the campus on Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

As she was moving through the school, she said, someone – a scout– approached her about being a model.

Dubuc said she was skeptical at first.

But the credentials seemed to check out.

And since that moment, Dubuc has been building up her fashion resume as a fashion model. Most recently, she found herself on the cover of Style Cruze’s March issue, accompanied by a full fashion photo spread inside the publication. She also saw her face looming over Times Square on a billboard during New York Fashion Week this past February.

Dubuc said her grandfather used to tell her she should be a model. But she never gave it too much thought until she was approached in 2020.

After that initial contact with the scout, Dubuc said she made arrangements for a test photo shoot to see how she looked in front of the camera. For the shoot, she said she styled herself, which earned kudos on set and boosted her esteem among the fashion pros.

Dubuc said she might not have thought about being a model until 2020. But she did love fashion.

“I loved, loved, loved watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” said Dubuc. “I would watch it religiously every year since I was in eighth grade… I would watch just the different looks on the models.”

However, other than the televised Victoria’s Secret shows, Dubuc said, “I never saw any high-end fashion shows growing up. No one in my family was I’m into fashion or modeling.”

Dubuc said her friends also showed little interest in modeling or fashion. “We would just go to the mall.”

The model said she might have liked fashion, but she didn’t like having her photograph taken when she was young.

“I didn’t like taking pictures” in high school, said Dubuc. She would tell anyone trying to take her photograph to stop. She didn’t even like to take selfies.

Dubuc said she has changed her mind about having her photograph taken as a model.

“I just think it’s fun and creative,” she said. “I never was very creative younger… (but) here’s my creativity showing.”

“I get in front of the camera I’m not even thinking about it,” said Dubuc. “It’s like acting

As her modeling experiences continue, Dubuc said she tries to maintain a respectable image in front of the camera. “I would never trash (my image) with anything or say yes to a shoot that the brand was not known for something I don’t believe in.”

“I’ve always had like a gut feeling what to do and I just have a very good head in my shoulder,” said Dubuc.

For the future, Dubuc said she expects to walk in New York Fashion Week in September. “That’s exciting,” said the model. “I have not done anything like that big.”

In preparation, Dubuc said she is working on keeping fit and working on her runway walk.

“I’m very good with goals,” said the Cheshire woman of her ability to set priorities. “I make sure I can nail (tasks) so I do everything … until it’s perfect.”


Hair and makeup by Erick Vargas (Instagram @erickvargasbeauty).

Styling by the model.