Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley raises the Jolly Roger aboard the Black Raven


Wildly unique, outrageously innovative, and undeniably exhilarating, the Black Raven Pirate Ship offers a wide variety of swashbuckling experiences that make it evident why this excursion is consistently voted by critics and the public alike as one of St. Augustine ‘s top attractions.

Featuring a supremely talented cast of players, a beautifully designed and very realistic pirate ship, and a full bar available for every excursion where you can enjoy your favorite libation including select specialty cocktails, The Black Raven Pirate Ship offers numerous specialized programs to fit a vast array of needs.



A rousing, rambunctious experience, tailored for pirate enthusiasts of all ages, Treasure Hunt begins with traditional serenades by Lady Red while Long John Silver joins in to welcome the guests impending the adventuresome and action- packed tour of St. Augustine’s crystal blue waters. Captain Mad Dog steadfastly commands the massive ship as the fearsome Blackbeard and Captain Crusty McConaughey climb aboard, demanding treasure and inciting a chaotic and adrenaline pumping sword fight.

The antagonists are swiftly kicked off the boat, but their villainous pursuit is far from over as their ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge sets out into the sprawling Atlantic Ocean to claim the sought-after treasure held by the crew of the Black Raven.

Liza Gold, the resident bartender, makes a lively announcement when the cash bar is officially open for business, and guests are informed that they may roam the expanses of the ship, enjoying the beautiful views of the upper deck, while various upbeat sing-alongs and interactive programs are held by the engaging cast of pirates, much to the delight of the many children in attendance during the afternoon cruise.

Tiny pirates are allowed the opportunity to grab a “sword” and engage in a pulse -pounding fight with a real life pirate, and one lucky tot who was celebrating his birthday on board was thrilled to be presented with his very own treasure chest filled with “Pirates Booty,” which included an envy-inducing variety of toys, games, and collectible Black Raven memorabilia.

Just when it seems as though the perilous Blackbeard and his co-captain are nowhere to be found, they resurface, this time firing canons, and the two ships engage in an epic real-time battle.

Who will take victory, prevail, and lay final claim to the precious treasure? Find out for yourself by booking a tour on Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt, perfect for adventure seekers of all ages.



(21 and over only)

Raunchy, irreverent and unapologetically crass, the Rum Runners cruise is filled to the brim with a boisterous blend of skits, music, stories, limericks, and more. Not for the easily offended, this adults only excursion also offers a large selection of beers, wines, liquors, and almost every libation you can imagine to whet any craving and nonstop lewd, crude, and jaw-dropping jokes, performed with perfect comic timing and chemistry by Lady Red, Long John Silver and Bonnie, one of the Black Raven’s newest cast members. Enjoy an expertly curated line up of traditional “Sea Shanty” pre-recorded music during the performance breaks including the relentlessly catchy “Wellerman” by Nathan Evans and savor the relaxing night breezes as the Black Raven sails deep into the night down the winding Matanzas River.

A quintessential outing for bachelorette and bachelor parties, girls or guys night out, and even iconoclastic weddings (a wedding ceremony took place during our expedition, which was officiated by Captain Mad Dog), Rum Runners helps guests create outrageous and unforgettable memories, filled with side – splitting laughter.


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