Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley takes a ride on ol’ Rocky Top


Proudly brandishing the title of the longest mountain rollercoaster in East Tennessee and the only coaster with four uplifts, The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster offers a high thrill ride, unique themed decor (including “European Bears” and the original Burma Shave signs) , as well as a 360 degree vantage point of the breathtaking Smoky Mountains.

Climb up the mountain, and twist, turn and soar over the beautiful 20-acre property in a world class, custom-built sled that has the capacity to go up to 30 miles per hour.

Great fun for all ages, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster allows guests to personalize their own experience in a user-controlled braking system that permits riders to go just as fast or as slow as they wish.

The quintessential outdoor mountain activity, no visit to the Great Smoky Mountains is complete without an excursion on the top-rated mountain coaster in Pigeon Forge, which has earned rave reviews throughout its operating history from visitors and critics alike.

Open late nightly, The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster affords guests the opportunity for nighttime coaster excursions that offer a completely different feeling and experience, complete with pulsating neon lights illuminating the darkness and high energy pop music filling the air during late night weekend hours.

The Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is deeply rooted in the community, always lending a helping hand for philanthropic events, whether donating tickets for charity raffles or hosting regular Humane Society adoption events on select weekends.

Longtime team member and newest manager, John, constantly displays a palpable enthusiasm for his work, overseeing some exciting, secret new expansions at the coaster, which are sure to thrill new and recurring Rocky Top Coaster fans.

The coaster’s adorable mascot, Peter Barker, a rescue pup who wears his custom logo shirt with pride, can frequently be found at the main office, greeting customers with kisses and gamely posing for photo opportunities when asked.

Consistent top notch hospitality, an intense focus on guest safety and satisfaction, and a high thrill ride that will stay with you long after it ends are just a few of the many reasons Rocky Top Mountain Coaster should be on your vacation bucket list.


PHONE NUMBER: (865) 453-0033