Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley is coming around the Moonshine Mountain


Formerly known as the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, Moonshine Mountain Coaster is the tallest thrill coaster attraction in Gatlinburg, Tenn. featuring an effortlessly smooth ride and a gorgeous view of the Gatlinburg skylines and mountain ranges that you will never forget.

An exciting excursion for everyone in your party, Moonshine Mountain Coaster takes you on a steady incline high up into the mountains of Gatlinburg as you brace in anticipation for the fast, thrilling, and electrifying decline down the mountain.

No special skills are required to ride the Moonshine Mountain Coaster, and guests can control their own speed with extremely easy-to-operate hand-brakes, which are attached to the top-grade custom built sled on which you’ll enjoy your experience.

Mountain Coasters understandably cause some trepidation in some visitors with neck and back issues; however, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster operates with an unparalleled smoothness — a true testament to the quality of the track and carts’ engineering.

Offering some of the lowest rates you’ll find on a coaster experience in Gatlinburg, guests are afforded the opportunity to partake in repeat rides and will enjoy a generous discount for any subsequent rides following their initial trip.

Voted by numerous top tourism based media outlets, and guests alike, as the “Best Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg,” Moonshine Mountain Coaster offers the opportunity to either coast down the mountain solo or with a partner in your choice of a single or double rider coaster car.

The owners and operators of the Moonshine Mountain Coaster, including Klaus and Cassie, display a contagious energy and enthusiasm that illustrates the joy they find in their work, always innovating and working hard to bring the latest and greatest expansions, additions, and revisions for their beloved guests.

Special thanks to Klaus for arranging our visit for this spotlight feature!


PHONE NUMBER: (865) 375-5371