Bella’s Bug: The fashion world of model Katherine Fox


Katherine Fox is a model, with a number of specialties.

You can find Fox doing editorial, commercial and fitness modeling.

Bella Basque found her during Miami Swim Week and spoke to her about her fitness routines and her career, in general, for’s Bella’s Bug.

BELLA BASQUE: What would you give as tips for models to keep fit and healthy?

KATHERINE FOX: Stay consistent and form good habits. Surround yourself with friends who have similar goals to stay active and healthy. For food, I find lots of recipes and cool spots to eat local on Instagram that are healthy and interesting. Know that beautiful is strong and fit, not skinny and malnourished. Make time for being healthy and know you are beautiful and unique!


BB: What is a favorite exercise and what is an exercise you hate but you still do it because it’s good for you? 

KF: I’m actually not a big fan of the gym. I find it pretty boring and distracting when people stare at me working out. I love being outside and staying active by playing sports like soccer, basketball, track, swimming, rollerblading, and hiking with friends and family. As far as an exercise I hate- I’m not a fan of distance running. I have asthma so it doesn’t take too long before I can’t breathe, so it’s not fun. But, I’m also acutely aware that it’s important for cardiovascular health so I try to do it now and then!

Bella Basque, left, with model Katherine Fox. SUBMITTED


BB: Do you prefer high fashion runway or fitness modeling?

FB: Definitely fitness modeling. I would die to be in commercials or have brand deals with big names like Nike/Adidas/Under Armour, etc. Fitness modeling also encourages me to have a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape, which is good for my physical and mental health. I love runway shows for the networking, amazing people I meet, and fun outfits I get to wear. However, overall, (runway modeling means) very long days, usually about 10-12 hours a day. And as a professional model, it hasn’t been monetarily sustainable to fund modeling as a career, so I limit how many shows I do, and only audition for shows I’m actually interested in.


BB: How do you prepare for events like Miami Swim Week? What kind of food do you reward yourself with when you break training?

KF: I will usually eat a little healthier, more salads and vegetables. And lots of water. Water is huge in having good skin, and being healthy. I will eat less tater tots and ice cream (some of my fave foods), but I don’t completely cut out sugar and junk food. I believe a big part of mental health, especially in modeling, is not to make food a reward. Don’t say “I worked out today, so I can eat ice cream”. If you want ice cream, eat it- just a smaller portion than normal if you’re trying to get fit. For me, trying to only eat healthy would be miserable because (I have) a huge sweet tooth, and it would lead to binge eating and the opposite of a healthy lifestyle.


BB: what was the hardest part of transitioning from fitness model into a runway model?

KF: When I started modeling, I started with a few different genres to experiment with what I liked and what was a good fit for me. I recommend this for any new model starting out because there are so many types of modeling and lots of diversity today so you can find what you like. I started more or less with fitness, high fashion, and runway. Once you get practice and portfolios, I recommend narrowing down which type of modeling you do so you can really focus on that craft. In order to decide what type of modeling you want to invest your time and energy into, establish goals and purpose. Why are you modeling? Do you want nice photos, money, fame, free stuff? Do you want it to be a hobby or a career? For me, I want it to be a career, so I need to make money off of it. I don’t feel the need to have clout or fame, and I’m super athletic. That makes fitness modeling a great fit for me.

I still do a little runway and commercial modeling, if it pays or if it’s for designers/producers I consider friends, but I leave that to be more of my hobby modeling.


BB: What has been the most fun show? Who’s your favorite designer you’ve worked with? 

KF: Wow. That’s a loaded question. I’ve done many shows, including shows in D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Miami Swim Week, and NYFW. I have walked for about 50 different designers. I love meeting and walking for new designers because it’s refreshing and fun to meet new people- but I also really love being the return model who walks in shows over and over again for the same designer because at that point, a friendship has been cultivated, and it always makes for a super hype show with good energy! But to name drop- I always have a great time being a return model for Forever Lavi, Ammarotto Swim, Bikini Beach Australia, and Shop the Runway. From my most recent show, new faces I’ve loved to work with have been Tev Grant and Clyopatra Couture. I also love doing local shows where I walk with other models who I’ve walked with before because we are all friends and support each other. For me, runway shows are all about the energy and time spent with friends and good people who are also passionate about the industry.