Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley experiences the magic in Gatlinburg


GATLINBURG, Tenn. — “Impossibilities: Magic, Mindreading, and Mayhem,” starring master mentalist Eric Dobell, is a groundbreaking show performed at the charming, intimate Iris Theater at the iconic Gatlinburg Space Needle.

Combining genre-bending styles of modern magic, classic sleight of hand, and mind reading techniques that truly defy logic, an evening spent at this unbelievable one-man production make it clear why “Impossibilities: Magic, Mindreading, and Mayhem” has garnered thousands of positive reviews from critics and guests alike, including Top Rated status on prestigious review platforms such as Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, Yelp, and pages of video testimonials recorded in real time post-show by guests.

Dobell, speaking and moving at a rapid fire pace, does not miss a beat as he executes unexplainable feats of magic with ease. He maintains a jovial and warm rapport with his audience throughout the duration of the nearly two hour show, even recruiting a few to join him on stage for some entertaining , and amazing, interactive segments.

A few of the many stand out, show stopping moments in the show include Dobell placing a book in an audience member’s hand and guessing words on the random pages on which they land, guessing the exact verbiage that a guest wrote down on a scrap piece of paper at the start of show, and a brand new act featuring pieces of jewelry collected from the audience that truly must be witnessed in order to be believed.

I have seen and spotlighted “Impossibilities: Magic, Mindreading, and Mayhem” many times for our CTFashionMag “Backstage Pass” on IHeart Radio spotlight feature. Each performance offers completely different twists, turns, nuances, and elements of surprise for a completely fresh entertainment experience with each visit.

(During our initial visit to his show, he guessed my father’s name and the date on which he married my mom, with nearly no applicable clues given, and this was just one of the many mind-blowing things we have witnessed from Dobell throughout our many visits.)

Even the most dubious skeptic will get swept away in an alternate world during a visit to this show, questioning rationality and perhaps, even for a moment, believing that magic just might be real after all.

A rousing evening of fun for the entire family, Dobell provides young, aspiring magicians an opportunity to join him onstage during an interactive portion of the show, offering the gift of a magic, self-illustrating coloring book to his volunteer. Light up illusion thumbs, which make a great gag gift and can provide hours of entertainment (as the owner of a pair, I can certainly attest that they provide endless fun and shock value), the show’s signature “googly eyed“ sleeping masks and other assorted souvenirs and novelties, are available for purchase following the show.

The friendly and personable Dobell is always happy to meet guests after the show, socializing and posing for photos on his customized step and repeat backdrop outside the theatre, and you can record your very own post-show testimonial at the user-friendly kiosk on your way out of the theater. Your recording might just get featured on the popular Impossibilities You Tube page.

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