Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley has a scream at Nightmare on 190


Nestled deep in the backwoods off of Highway 190 in the quaint town of Pine Mountain, Ga. there sits one of the most delightfully terrifying, undeniably ominous, and expertly curated haunted house experiences you’ll find in the United States: “Nightmare on 190.”

Located just down the road from the legendary F.D. Roosevelt State Park, Nightmare on 190 has built a solid reputation as Georgia’s premier haunted house experience. It blends an array of themes, aesthetics and narratives from throughout the horror genre.

The inaugural Nightmare on 190 was lauched in 2019. It was exciting, intriguing, and, of course, scary. Visitors from across the United State flocked to Georgia. After firmly being established as a contracted private event, Nightmare on 190 underwent a massive expansion, evolving into an impressive three-part haunted adventure with two all new haunted houses as well as an outdoor trail.

Due to the pandemic of 2020, finding a truly frightening, adrenaline pumping, well-designed haunted house experience (or any haunted houses at all, for that matter) became a somewhat insurmountable feat; However, in a world of “pumpkin paloozas,” (hich we all undeniably enjoy but sometimes just seek the incomparable thrill of a good scare, Nightmare on 190 truly celebrates the very essence and spirit of the “Spooky Season” with ominous characters, horrifying sound effects, and a fabulously frightful adrenaline rush you’ll undoubtedly experience at every single twist and turn.

Born from the wildly innovate and creative minds of the founders, Marty and Matt, the Nightmare on 190 experience is one experience that will remain with you long after your visit, blurring the lines of reality and fiction from the moment of your entry. It offers live actors, exquisite costuming and relentlessly terrifying decor to create an alternate world where you are forced to face your darkest fears, and the only way out is through.

Upon entry, wind your way through the dark, expansive corridors as you meet face to face with some of the horror genre’s most notorious mass murderers, including Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and the Jigsaw killer from “Saw.”

Coulrophobics (those with fear of clowns) should beware of the maniacal “Clown House,” where a bevy of evil clowns, jumping wildly, clanging symbols, and aggressively invading your personal space inhabit a darkened room. You are forced to find your way out as flashes of the clowns’ evil, painted faces are illuminated in the dark only by pulsating strobe lights.

Banshees, decked out in all their villainous regalia, fill the crisp night air with their distinctive shrieks. A butcher-knife wielding maniac will intrepidly pursue you as you stroll through “Hell’s Kitchen.” A recreated scene from “The Exorcist” will have you reeling and screaming in horror, as other morbid beings, ranging from glowing warlocks to the iconic “Scream” villain will keep you on your toes and make all your hairs stand on end as you make your way through the amazingly expansive Nightmare on 190 grounds. It all leads to the climactic grand finale, “The Killing Field” where a bevy of shirtless chainsaw-wielding maniacs and other gremlins chase you through an open field, the intimidating roar of their weapons piercing the night air.

Creatively designed, indubitably horrifying and crawling with a slew of memorable characters who expertly inhabit their bone-chilling roles, Nightmare on 190 is more than merely a haunted house, but rather a deeply immersive experience that bends reality and will remain in the recesses of your mind long after it is over.

Highly recommended for all spooky season enthusiasts and fans of delightfully petrifying horror experiences, Nightmare on 190 will only run until Halloween; therefore, make a point to visit this limited- time attraction with all your bravest friends and family members for a wildly unique experience that is sure to be a highlight of your Halloween season!



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