‘Euphoria’s’ Chloe Cherry shows adult stars have style, too


Before she made a splash in the series “Euphoria,” Chloe Cherry made a name for herself making adult films.

Chloe Cherry in a scene from ‘Euphoria.’

Now, not only is she a TV star on HBO, Chloe is considered a fashion icon (according to Glamour UK), thanks to her character Faye on the series,– which also stars another fashion icon, Zendaya.

Last February and March, Chloe walked in fashion shows in New York, London and Milan.

Last May, Vogue magazine offered up a glowing review of the fashions she wore at several high profile events.

The fact that Chloe (who performed as Chloe Couture in the adult industry) has become a symbol of fashion should not be much of a surprise to those working in the adult field.

After all, porn stars are people too. Just because their on-the-job wardrobe is a birthday suit or a G-string doesn’t mean that’s how they dress during their down time.

And some, like Chloe Cherry, might like a little style when they’re not on set.

At the recent Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey, which drew adult entertainers from around the globe, several of the performers spoke about their civilian wardrobe.

Lauren Lotus

Lauren Lotus, who has posed for Playboy and entertains at clubs across the country, said when she’s being herself, “I’m in usually sweatpants or a little crop top. (Or I’m walking around) nude in my house cooking. I’m a huge athletic person (also). I was actually featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine first. So, I’m always in athletic wear. A lot of leggings. I like to show my booty off.”

Abigaill Morris and her partner Sammy Torres said the duo are on the set all the time. So their wardrobe tends to reflect their at-work wardrobe.

“It’s kind of very easy access clothing,” said Abigaiil of her work clothes. “We’ll wear tiny shorts. Tank tops. Outside the (Exxxotica) convention, we dress very similarly to this. Even going to the Super Target (we dress like this).”

Abigaiil Morris, left, and Sammy Torres

“Normally I like kind of comfy (clothes), like a sundress,” said Rebel Rhyder, another adult performer. “Something kind of cute. Easy to get out of.”

“I’m from the south and it’s usually warm,” said performer Holly Hotwife. Off the set, she said, “I wear a tank top and cut off shorts with flip flops or a swimsuit.”

Adult film star Avery Jane—who wore a pink bikini at her convention booth, said, “When I’m not working, I wear a lot of sweatpants, A lot of soft clothes. I wear a lot of onesies. I dress very cozy. I’m always ready to sleep.”

Avery Jane

Eva Nova, wearing an outfit that looked as if it was adapted from the protective gear used at a nuclear meltdown, said, “I go to a lot of festivals so I’m inspired a lot by festival fashion.”

Eva Nova

Wearing a costume with devil horns, a red one-piece bodysuit with a thong bottom, porn star Arietta Adams said, with a laugh, when she’s not on set, “I like to dress like an angel.”

But then, taking a more serious tone, Arietta said, “I like a crop top with some sweatpants and sliders (off set).”

What if the stars were heading out for dinner with their significant other and were going to meet the fam? What would they pull out of the wardrobe for the occasion?

“(Sammy and I) have modest-ish outfits,” said Abigaiil, who stood inside the convention hall with electrical tape judiciously masking her breasts.

“They’re not as slutty,” said Sammy of the clothes she and her romantic partner wear.

“They’re a little tight so they hug our curves,” added Abigaiil. “They show cleavage (a little bit). But I’m not going to completely cover my body for somebody. If I’m going to meet somebody’s parents they’re going to have to respect who I am. And I feel like (Sammy’s) the same way. I’m not going to change who I am for someone else.

“I usually wear cute little dresses,” said Lauren. “I’m blonde, so I love pink and blue. And you’ll find me in any of those colors.”

Rebel Rhyder

If asked to go out with the parents, Eva said, “I’d wear something normal, or what some people would consider normal.”

“(I’d) probably (wear) a sundress,” said Rebel, who calls balmy Phoenix home. “I love sundresses.”

Holly Hotwife

Holly said she’d also wear a sundress if she met her SO’s parents. If she didn’t pick a sundress, she’d probably reach for a halter top, jean jacket and sandals.

Avery Jane said her wardrobe would rise to the occasion if she met someone’s parents. “I would wear a nice dress. Probably a long dress; but still soft and cozy.”

A long dress, probably one with long sleeves, would be Arietta’s preference as well. Or, perhaps, she’d put on “some jeans and a nice shirt and skip the crop top.”