Cutting it in the world of modeling


Shanna Mack didn’t know if she could cut it as a model. But she knew she had to try.

This wife and mother of two from Kansas City, Mo. was familiar with the world of modeling. She was a photographer and she worked on film production crews.

She said modeling “has always been a passion of mine… I truly enjoy the creativity, style, and art of modeling; it is silent acting.”

But, said Shanna, “I didn’t decide to pursue (the vocation) until 2.5 years ago.”

She knew she had at least one strike against her.

In a world where 5’8 is considered too short, Shanna stands at 5 feet tall.

Despite this obstacle of stature, Shanna—who was a recent adult female judge’s choice winner at the Magnifique Showcase organized by Victoria Henley – said, “I am ready to show the world what I have to offer, from print to runway.”

“I have worked with commercial brands, appeared in website advertisements, and have been on the runway for several clothing brands,” said Shanna.

“2022 (was) a year of determination, planning growth, and putting my best foot forward,” said the competition winner. “In the upcoming year, I will focus on pushing myself further, perfecting my craft and brand in modeling while gaining guidance and inspiring others along the way.”

Photography by LaMal Mack Studios