Pushing past the obstacles of her life


Caroline Rose Cushing has had her share of setbacks.

And with dreams of being an influencer, the 15-year-old model hopes to use her experiences to elevate others.

“At a young age, I experienced a great tragedy,” Caroline explained. “As broken as I was, I found a way to move on; I knew I had a purpose. I knew I had my faith in God and my family.”

Caroline added, “Not only have I experienced tragedy, but I am also an athlete and I more recently suffered a major setback in my athletic career. After having major surgery, I was able to grow stronger physically, and again mentally and eventually continue playing sports; then again, another injury postponed my career.”

Now, Caroline wants to be a possible influencer, a fashion model – and a role model.

“My passion every day is to strive to be the best person I can be, as well as encourage others,” the teen explained. “I love reaching out to people and inspiring people to be their best and to find the positive in each day.”

“It’s not always easy (to be your best), but always possible,” said Caroline.

Caroline is a recent winner at Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase.


Photographys by Baylee Steele @fearfullyyouphotography

Hair and make up by Hair by Amber Willis