Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley basks in the beauty of Costa Rica


Nestled in the majestic cloud forests of the Alajuela province in San Ramon Costa Rica, Lands in Love Resort provides a glorious, peaceful, and distinctively unique respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Featuring an exceptional full-service vegan restaurant (serving up a dazzling array of Israeli, International and multi-genre foods) , cozy, boutique style rooms (complete with hand painted art works, free wi-fi and cable television), pool, jacuzzi, walking trails, and a plethora of pulse pounding activities (including canopy tours/ Zipline, horseback riding, canyoning, rafting, and much more), this resort is sure to offer something special to excite and delight everyone in your party.

Following an invitation by Assaf (one of the resort’s incredible owners and the influencer liaison) to experience this exceptional getaway in early 2022 in promotion and support of the resort’s partner company, Animal Love Rescue (a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, exceptional veterinary care, food, and other essentials to over 1,200 pieces of animals), I visited the resort and vowed I would return to this magical place annually.

Keeping true to my oath, I returned in January, and as before, I brought along several of my Magnifique team members to experience the outstanding amenities and atmosphere – as well as get some tremendous fashion content amidst the area’s lush ecosystem.

Not only did my team and I produce stunning photo shoots, intended to promote the resort as a destination attraction to our fashion communities and colleagues in the United States, but we also produced a mini pop up fashion showcase, featuring a striking collection by Toxik (a brand created and curated by Jera Whittaker).

I was afforded the exclusive opportunity to provide you the inside scoop on everything to expect when you stay, play, unwind, and relax at this exotic retreat.



Founded by 15 life-long friends , all vegan and ardent animal lovers, Animal Love Rescue has saved thousands of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, horses, sheep, ducks, chickens and more from abuse and neglect.

Due to intrepid and consistent determination, paired with a generous donation by a devoted supporter, Animal Love Rescue recently actualized their dreams of building a full-service animal hospital, complete with top tier, state-of-the-art equipment with a beautifully decorated interior

Donations are urgently needed to help compensate a veterinarian and the appropriate staff needed to fully bring the operation of the clinic to fruition.

Providing exceptional veterinary services, food, and around the clock care for the over 1,200 animal residents is no small feat for this altruistic, grass roots, nonprofit organization. To donate, visit Animal love No-kill shelter, Costa Rica Rescue Center



Featuring a myriad of international vegan dishes from around the world, the acclaimed resident Lands in Love chef, Naama, creates sumptuous cuisines daily and nightly, drawing foodies from around the globe. Featuring a rotating line up of specials, buffet items, desserts, and beverages at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Lands in Love Restaurant is sure to offer something special to whet your appetite and satiate even the most elusive craving for the most distinguished palette.

Enjoy a vibrant, restful ambiance, while you savor and indulge in some of the most delectable vegan creations you’ll ever experience at this gem of a restaurant.

Some of our favorite menu items were:

Milkshakes: These sweet, rich, and satisfying beverages come in a vast assortment of flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, and our personal favorites…chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter banana and Oreo cookie.

Aloe Water: A staple on the Lands in Love menu, this Costa Rican speciality, featuring delightfully fresh cuts of aloe, offers a refreshing beverage to perfectly complement a crisp salad or a light lunch.

Wines, beers, and libations: Land in Live Restaurant features a full service bar. Standout wines include the Manischewitz (also known as Kiddush) in both red and white.



Black bean soup with avocado hard boiled eggs, served with rice.

Egg rolls filled with onion, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli. Served on rice and sweet chili sauce.



Israeli plate with hummus, tahini , falafel, five salads pita breads…a grand, succulent celebration of the Israeli culture.

Shawarma: Mediterranean grilled chopped meat, served with salad and assortments of pickled vegetables. Tahini and French fries or rice are available … we chose rice as our accompaniment)

Italian Stir fry vegetables with olive oil, herbs, cheese, and Dijon mustard, served with rice.

Burrito, a tortilla filled with bean spread, Gallo pinto, meat, cheese, chili churro, avocado, lettuce and sour cream served with fresh, flash fried French fries.

Mediterranean Tortilla, a fried tortilla, Tahira, meat, Israeli salad, sprinkles of parsley, green chili sauce and falafel.

Bacon Avocodo, Italian bread, bacon, avocado, grilled tomato, onion served with dill and chives and mayonnaise.

Hummus sandwich, creamy, flavorful and satiating traditional hummus spread sandwiched between two thick, hearty, freshly baked bread slices.

Pasta with olive oil, mushrooms, pesto.

Pizza with the topping of your choice: ham, tomato, onion, pepper, hot pepper, mushrooms and olives.

Fish and chips, an exceptional vegan take on traditional British fried fish with French fries.

Tacos with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, onion and a spicy chipotle sauce topping delectable vegan ground “beef” and a crispy shell for a considerably healthier, and even more delicious, take on the beloved traditional Mexican classic.



Quaint, comfortable, quiet, and peaceful, each room at Lands and Love has been carefully decorated by the innovative and artistic Lands in Love team.




Meet in the lobby area as you await the friendly and helpful Lands in Love Tour guides (accompanied by the talented photographer, Paola, who documented our thrilling excursion) who will transport you into the heart of the Costa Rican jungle for the adrenaline- pumping adventure of a lifetime.

Some of the many highlights include the “Superman,” during which guests lie on their stomachs, arms outstretched in traditional “superhero” fashion as they zip over the lush, sweeping expanses of the cloud forest and the “Tarzan.” where daredevil adventurers are granted the opportunity to stand on a “trap door” platform, which drops, propelling you on a swinging, pulse pounding free fall through the forest.

The adventure cables are located outside the forest giving a large panoramic view of the whole area



Lands in Love houses a staggering array of gorgeous horses, all of whom have been rescued, rehabilitated, and are currently enjoying living their lives to the fullest on the lovely terrain of the expansive properties. Guests are afforded the exclusive opportunity to ride these noble and majestic steeds through some of the most breathtaking sights you’ll find on property. Freddy Barbossa, our personable and knowledgeable guide, led us on an exciting journey, during which our group (including my mom, Lynn, the house photographer for our fashion branding company, Magnifique, and Backstage Pass, as well as one of our models, Fallon, and her best friend, Faith), allowed us to enjoy a leisurely ride, dismounting our horses at several points to enjoy a refreshing swim in the chilly, serene waters of the Balsa River, and once in a lifetime photo ops in front of the towering waterfall.


A few members of my incredible Magnifique team, including my model Emily Demers and her lovely parents joined me for an action packed escapade deep in the heart of the forest, where we bravely ventured onto a narrow bridge, after which we, one by one, attached ourselves to a secure cable (assisted by our expert tour guides and lowered down into the deep abyss of the onsite waterfall.

Strenuous, exhilarating, and indescribably fun, Lands in Love canyoning offers guests the opportunity to experience a total of four waterfalls within the canyon for the excursion of a lifetime that will leave you reeling from your adrenaline rush long after your tour has ended!



Our first ever Magnifique Pop Up mini showcase at Lands in Love resort benefitting Animal Love Rescue was a smashing success, kicking off with editorial shoots on the breathtaking grounds of the resort featuring the iconic orchid bridge and the freshly painted grotto and relaxation gardens.

The showcase featured the photography talents of Magnifique Co-owner Lynn Henley (@lynnhenleyphotography), our DJ Johan, a visionary designer Jera Whitaker of Toxik and models:  Emily Demers, Hilda Puno, Jami Gobert, Jessica Monge, Hannah Stratton and Fallon Flanagan.

The showcase also highlighted the tremendous Animal Love Rescue team (donning pieces from their eclectic and beautifully stocked brand new lobby gift shop), who strutted the catwalk (and dog walk!) with a plethora of their furry friends, including the lovable office curmudgeon Renati (a beautiful, gigantic house-cat who enjoys frequently crashing our pool games in the lobby’s gaming area), Roz (a precious Brussels Griffon who doesn’t let his disabilities stop him and spends his days scooting around the Lands in Love grounds in his nifty, hand- built wheel chair) and nearly a dozen more.

Special thanks to Assaf and the entire Lands in Love owners and staff for curating and facilitating the experience of a lifetime for myself and my team!

WEBSITE: (The Resort)

(Animal Love Rescue)

PHONE NUMBER: 408-215-1000