Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley enjoys entertainment in Zero Gravity


Located in the heart of the bustling, chic, and high energy Broadway at the Beach (the premiere destination for both high end, and laid back, shopping, scrumptious food, and non stop fun on the Grand Strand), the Broadway Theater in Myrtle Beach, S.C. hosts the only show in town where you can witness Cirque Du Soleil caliber entertainment by world renowned performers, bringing to life right before your eyes death – defying feats of strength, stamina, and agility.

Produced by the top-notch, award-winning Le Grande Cirque Team, Zero Gravity is the latest dynamic production to grace the Broadway Theater stage, shattering the confines of reality and, well, defying gravity with high-energy, full-octane acts unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

The show begins with Darren, a multi-talented principal performer who also serves as the comic relief for the show, opening with an interactive and hilarious bit where a trepidatious audience member is pulled up on stage for lots of hi-jinks and shenanigans to set a light spirited mood for the two hour show to follow.

Zero Gravity is a true variety show, featuring a plethora of acts just as distinctive and unique in content as they are entertaining, combining state of the art lighting, striking audio and visual effects, and some of the most daring, death defying stunts you’ll ever witness performed live, and in real time.

A few of the vast array of stand-out acts include a fresh and unexpected twist on traditional juggling, acrobatic bow and arrow shooting (executed in the most unconventional manner imaginable), a display of grace, poise, and strength on the Mexican Cloud Swing, as well as dizzying feats of dexterity on the Cyr Wheel.

The show’s format, which remains fresh, exciting, and wildly intriguing throughout the duration of the performance, brings new and dynamic genres, performers, and routines every few mins, ensuring that there are dull moments to be had at Zero Gravity.

Several opportunities are afforded for audience members to participate as stars of the show, including a romping, rousing, laugh-out-loud “Dating Game” style portion of the show during which 3 audience members are randomly selected to engage in a series of outrageous “challenges” as part of a Dating Game style competition in order to win over the heart of an eligible bachelorette (Also plucked from the audience.)

The high-flying performances you’ll witness throughout this inimitable Cirque extravaganza all lead to the climactic grand finale, The Wheel of Death, which features fearless father and son performers, who cheat death, gravity, and logic as they walk, jump, climb, soar, and carry out synchronized acrobatic skills atop an impossibly large, looming , spinning apparatus, complete with two ominous rotating “wheels” at the ends.

A beautifully executed celebration circus arts, Zero Gravity will provide lasting memories and unmatchable fun for your entire family, creating an experience that will truly make your spirit soar.


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