Persevering in style


Mykey Stone is living proof that setbacks can be overcome if you work.

Mykey had been working in the field of hospitality management. He decided a change was needed. So, four years ago, he took a detour to live his dream – to become a plus-size male model for the runway and magazines.

Mykey’s dream was not without challenges… challenges beyond just entering a field where the competition is fierce and opportunities tend to be few.

Mykey biggest challenge came from his own body.

Mykey is an aortic dissection survivor.

In 2021, Mykey said he suffered a major injury that caused kidney failure.

Mykey said being a model with disabilities is a struggle. But he gets through it.

Now, not only is he working as a model, Mykey is an advocate for a better healthy lifestyle working with the the American Heart Association and the American Kidney Foundation.

Now, Mykey has walked in New York Fashion Week twice. He has worn garments from, JC Penney’s and Johnny Bigg on the runway. And he has been recognized by Tyra Banks for the BODY-ODY (MLX Squad) Challenge for Body Positivity during the pandemic as part of Tyra’s “Modelland” series on instagram.

He also has been featured on social media channels for Hanes underwear , Comfort Republic underwear and Zappos Adaptive for And his photos have been published in 11 magazines.

Mykey also was a recent winner at Magnifique Showcase, which is run by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley.

Mykey said his person aim is ”to help people envision one’s self where they see themselves and make it their runway.”