Feeding her passion

by MIKE CHAIKEN Nathasia Mark had been living a full and busy life. The Brooklyn-born woman of […]

Work it, girl

by MIKE CHAIKEN If there are cameras around you, and you’re dressed in a gown that epitomizes […]

That certain Glow

by MIKE CHAIKEN If you want your art to shine, Ron Vestal’s Glow-Art dresses are an option. […]

Starting out early

by MIKE CHAIKEN Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez got an early start in the world of modeling. Now 12, […]

Out in the sun

If the weather is warm and the sun is out, you might as well take it outside. Model […]

Functional flannel

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring is so close you can taste it. But in the New England mornings, […]

Her story runs deep

by MIKE CHAIKEN Dr. Niecy Fuqua may have walked the runway at Magnifique Showcase and she may […]

GLOW-ing in AC

Pennsylvania-based designer Ron Vestal brought his GLOW-ART ( collection of body-painted artful sportswear to the runway at Atlantic […]

Forward into the past

by MIKE CHAIKEN Even a modern girl in a modern world needs to look back in time […]

The flounce to bounce

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the dictionary, “flounce” means taking large exaggerated movements to draw attention to yourself. […]

Happily ever after

by MIKE CHAIKEN There was a fairy tale going on at the Peach and Penny fashion show […]

Dreamy Dreamtime

by MIKE CHAIKEN Drawing upon her Austrailian Aboriginal heritage, designer Trinity Dawson offered up a cozy and […]