Colors run on the runway

by MIKE CHAIKEN Colors were key in the runway collections put across the runway by Fashion Frenzy […]

In the clear

by MIKE CHAIKEN When the sun is high and you need to clear your head, step into […]

Chasing waterfalls

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sometimes you think you want the tumult of the waterfall, but then you find […]

Alter ego fashion

by MIKE CHAIKEN Fashion can be functional, fulfilling a need for modesty or protection from the elements. […]

Poolside with Trivera

by MIKE CHAIKEN Grab that fruity cocktail, slip onto that lounge chair by the pool, and choose […]

Said the spider to the fly

by MIKE CHAIKEN “Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;“’Tis the prettiest […]

People and pups in the park

by MIKE CHAIKEN A fashionable promenade in the park can sometimes produce a pop-up reunion between people […]