1990s hip-hop is back

by MIKE CHAIKEN With the release of a posthumous album from 1990s superstar Aaliyah, who tragically died […]

Fashion is fierce

by MIKE CHAIKEN Animal prints never truly fade from sight in the world of fashion. But fashion […]

A hard working 6-year-old

by MIKE CHAIKEN At 6-years-old, Tah’Chon Mills already as a lengthy credit list to his name. He […]

Riding into your ears

by MIKE CHAIKEN Brittney Dixon is ready to ride. Country singer Brittney, who is based in Shreveport, […]

Out. Just out

by MIKE CHAIKEN These days, sometimes you just have to get out of your house… even if […]

Rock on, dude

Rockers Maneskin have set the world alight musically with their sleek 1970s flashback style. The group invokes gritty […]

She’s going global

Model Renanit Derry went from global to magnificent. Renanit was a recent contestant at Miss Fashion Global. From […]

Her fountain of youth

by MIKE CHAIKEN Modeling has some life-giving benefits, according to Jane McClanahan. Jane, 74, said “Being with […]

A superhero of fashion

by MIKE CHAIKEN You could call Alicia Delgado-Gavin a fashion superhero. A model who describes herself as a […]

Counting down the moments

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sometimes when you’re stuck in one place, you’ve got to find some place else […]

Victorious Victoria

It was a victorious day for Victoria Burda as the American Royal Beauties titleholder was selected as a […]

Exuberant and feminine

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring is coming despite the frigid winter temperatures gripping the northeast. And after perusing […]

Magnificent Destine

It was Destine Meade’s destiny to be magnificent, one could say. Meade, a fashion model, was a recent […]

The woman in her

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Kandi Robbins had always dreamed of being a beautiful woman. Being born male, […]

Heal the world

by MIKE CHAIKEN Amanda Grossman is a model. But more than that she wants to make her […]