Hauling it in

by MIKE CHAIKEN The try on haul is a staple of the social media universe. An influencer […]

Blue skies don’t care

by MIKE CHAIKEN Blue skies over southern Connecticut with a pair of artfully torn blue jeans makes […]

Blue and tied up

by MIKE CHAIKEN Their popularity may surge and wane over the years, but denim and tie-dye never […]

Breaking out

by MIKE CHAIKEN After a pandemic and a New England winter, sometimes you have to get out […]

One step closer

Jatoni Foster took a chance and plunged into the modeling universe by participating in a recent Magnifique Showcase. […]

A Mediterranean-esque morning

by MIKE CHAIKEN The morning was filled with all things Italian. The setting was the Renaissance-revival Eolia […]

Variety is the spice of life

by MIKE CHAIKEN Caleb Yarbrough, a sophomore at Greenwood High School in Midland, Texas, offers two sides […]