A look back at Koco Blaq

Here is a look back at the not too distance past, July, when Koco Blaq’s runway show walked […]

The delicate things underneath

by MIKE CHAIKEN Bradelis unveiled its latest collection of lingerie at Style Fashion Week in New York on […]

The threads of fashion are gathered

By MIKE CHAIKEN Fashion photographs appear to be a seamless tapestry of a fantasy of style. Before […]

Inspiration… and Redemption

By MIKE CHAIKEN Inspiration was a key word for Redemption, the fashion show fund raiser for the […]

Decompression time before Redemption

By MIKE CHAIKEN Before the runway could be Redeemed at the first ever Salvation Army Redemption Fashion […]

They’ve all got to do it

by MIKE CHAIKEN Your age doesn’t matter if you’re a runway model. If you’re younger or the […]