Time to be social

by MIKE CHAIKEN For Cole McCown, modeling is an opportunity to be social and interact with others. […]

She took a different road

BY MIKE CHAIKEN Although Savannah Rae’s music style these days sits squarely in the category of country […]

She feels pretty

In her yellow dress perfect for a summer’s day by the shore, model Daviana Plaza evokes memories of […]

Feed the passion

by MIKE CHAIKEN Adrianna Stanley has a passion for modeling. The model also has a passion for  […]

All hail the queen

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Madaya White sparkles in her photographs like a pageant queen. And that’s because […]

Pixie dust

by MIKE CHAIKEN The iconic 1960s model Twiggy broke the mold of what a model was supposed […]

Markell Ritchie showcased

Male model Markell Ritchie was a May 22 winner at Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. […]

A teenage dream

Sheila Lambert had a dream since she was 14. She wanted to be a model. Now signed with […]

She won’t be held back

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Ji’Rea King refuses to be held back by perceived limitations. “I’ve wanted to […]

Career goals

by MIKE CHAIKEN Nadia Jordan is a junior in high school who has career goals. Although she […]


by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Nazariea Oliver is one of a pair who is part of three. The […]

Nature calls

by MIKE CHAIKEN Nature is at the heart of the inspiration that manifests itself in Connie Bennett’s […]

Drive her to success

by MIKE CHAIKEN Deonna Goode aspires for life as a singer and an actress. But the North […]

Sea his fashion sense

by MIKE CHAIKEN Go ahead, go near the water. Model Alphonso Gordon, a former Bridgeport, Conn.  resident, […]