Roaring on the runway with SXX1

by MIKE CHAIKEN With its Roman-numeral inflected name and its trademark lion’s head logo, Society 21 i.e. […]

And then there was ‘Chaos’….

by MIKE CHAIKEN Before there was “Chaos,” La’Moo Dezignz’ fashion show at the Holiday Inn in East […]

Pick some red to fit your mood

by MIKE CHAIKEN Depending where you are, the color red is loaded with meaning. In the west, […]

A royal tribute for Halloween

by MIKE CHAIKEN When a member of the royal family walks down the aisle of a church […]

Powering it up for the ’90s

by MIKE CHAIKEN Let’s rocket. The big trend in fashion is flashing back to the 1990s. If […]

A closer look

by MIKE CHAIKEN Backstage at the International Institute of Cosmetology’s graduation ceremonies at the Aqua Turf in […]