Down by the seaside

by MIKE CHAIKEN Ocean-side can mean many things. It can mean overlooking the shore from the deck […]

Letting the river flow

by MIKE CHAIKEN There is a peaceful feeling elicited when you stroll along the river, watching the […]

Beauty, pageants and heart

by MIKE CHAIKEN Kayla Mick has a philanthropic bent to her beauty and fashion endeavors. The 17-year-old […]

Bob Mackie would be proud

by MIKE CHAIKEN I had memories of 1970s TV variety shows when Bob Mackie ruled the wardrobe […]

Like the big girls

by MIKE CHAIKEN Marc Defang gave his young models a chance to wear formal wear that echoed […]

Go near the water

by MIKE CHAIKEN Bodies of water can be like human beings. Sometimes, they are still. Sometimes, they […]

Any wall will do

by MIKE CHAIKEN When the rains keep you from being outside at the beach, you grab a […]

The heart of darkness

by MIKE CHAIKEN Dark Jasmine unveiled a collection at Society Fashion Week in September that was…, well, […]

You’ve gotta have friends

by MIKE CHAIKEN The friendships are key for model Camille Mazzola. Camille has worked modeling. She also […]

Lili meet Lilly

by MIKE CHAIKEN Is model Lili Rojek drawn to Lilly Pulitzer fashions because she is Lili and […]

Dance, dance, dance

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Trinity Anthony, 14, has been keeping on her toes for the past 12 […]

Let it flow

by MIKE CHAIKEN Khadija Assabar had a variety of activity options at her disposal as the clock […]

Midsummer dreaming in the city

by MIKE CHAIKEN Fashion designer Melanie Caballero evoked a world depicted in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” […]

Pink is the color of passion

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the long-ago 1990s, songwriters Glen Ballard and Richard Supa presented legendary rockers Aerosmith […]