On the town

by MIKE CHAIKEN People are beginning to be seen out in public again. And there is a […]

Cool like rock and roll

by MIKE CHAIKEN Outdoor concert is underway for 2022. After a couple of quiet years thanks to […]

Cross that bridge

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sometimes a bridge can be too far. But sometimes that bridge can bring you […]

The all-American favorites

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring means it’s time for an all-American wardrobe. That means tees, tanks, denim shorts […]

Outstanding on the streets

by MIKE CHAIKEN Choosing your wardrobe, you have choices. For instance, you can choose to blend into […]

Outstanding in spring

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the early days of New England spring, before the frost advisories are shelved […]

Feeding her passion

by MIKE CHAIKEN Nathasia Mark had been living a full and busy life. The Brooklyn-born woman of […]

That certain Glow

by MIKE CHAIKEN If you want your art to shine, Ron Vestal’s Glow-Art dresses are an option. […]

Starting out early

by MIKE CHAIKEN Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez got an early start in the world of modeling. Now 12, […]

Out in the sun

If the weather is warm and the sun is out, you might as well take it outside. Model […]

Functional flannel

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring is so close you can taste it. But in the New England mornings, […]

GLOW-ing in AC

Pennsylvania-based designer Ron Vestal brought his GLOW-ART ( collection of body-painted artful sportswear to the runway at Atlantic […]

The flounce to bounce

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the dictionary, “flounce” means taking large exaggerated movements to draw attention to yourself. […]

The pop of a flash

Sometimes you just want to be seen. And if a pop of a camera flash should accompany, oh […]

When she says jump…

by MIKE CHAIKEN A fun way to jump into fashion as the temperatures rise is to pull […]

Mysterious Mardi Gras

by MIKE CHAIKEN The masks at Mardi Gras are intended to be mysterious… shielding the identities of […]

Tired of waiting for you

by MIKE CHAIKEN Time waits for no one. But when you’re waiting in a hotel lobby, time […]

Best of both worlds

This time of year, models and photographers are often left with the question… do you shoot indoors where […]

An odd season for fashion

by MIKE CHAIKEN It’s transitional wardrobe time in Connecticut. There have been whiffs of spring as temperatures […]

Blooming green

by MIKE CHAIKEN St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. The first day of spring is March 20. […]