Rock on, dude. Rock on.

by MIKE CHAIKEN The 1990s are hot. Olivia Rodrigo is riding the top of the charts with […]

Saturday morning style

by MIKE CHAIKEN On a Saturday morning, Nov. 20, the order of the day was breakfast, mimosas, […]

Socks it to you

by MIKE CHAIKEN When it comes to fashion, dresses, gowns, tops, skirts, pants, shoes… and so on… […]

Cute for fall

by MIKE CHAIKEN With fall in its New England house, crisp sunny afternoons outdoors are made for […]

Neon lights up the night

by MIKE CHAIKEN Celebrating neon nights is all fine and dandy. But in the northeast, the fall […]

Down by the seaside

by MIKE CHAIKEN Ocean-side can mean many things. It can mean overlooking the shore from the deck […]

Dance, dance, dance

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Trinity Anthony, 14, has been keeping on her toes for the past 12 […]

Gotham’s got it

by MIKE CHAIKEN New York City is the capital of American fashion. And New York City offers […]

Trends: Gen Z is taking over

by MIKE CHAIKEN Their predecessors – the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials—have garnered the headlines in […]

Trinitee has hearT

by MIKE CHAIKEN Trinitee Hyssen is working to ensure that no one goes through what her brother […]

She took a different road

BY MIKE CHAIKEN Although Savannah Rae’s music style these days sits squarely in the category of country […]