Cross that bridge

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sometimes a bridge can be too far. But sometimes that bridge can bring you […]

The all-American favorites

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring means it’s time for an all-American wardrobe. That means tees, tanks, denim shorts […]

Outstanding on the streets

by MIKE CHAIKEN Choosing your wardrobe, you have choices. For instance, you can choose to blend into […]

Outstanding in spring

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the early days of New England spring, before the frost advisories are shelved […]

That certain Glow

by MIKE CHAIKEN If you want your art to shine, Ron Vestal’s Glow-Art dresses are an option. […]

Functional flannel

by MIKE CHAIKEN Spring is so close you can taste it. But in the New England mornings, […]

Forward into the past

by MIKE CHAIKEN Even a modern girl in a modern world needs to look back in time […]

When she says jump…

by MIKE CHAIKEN A fun way to jump into fashion as the temperatures rise is to pull […]

Party fabulous LC Couture

by MIKE CHAIKEN Liliana Mijangos, the young fashion designer behind LC Couture, presented a party fabulous collection […]

The white stuff

by MIKE CHAIKEN If you want to stand out, you don’t reach for the black or tan […]

The sun shines on the ’90s

by MIKE CHAIKEN In an outfit that evokes the ever-so-trendy 1990s, model Molly Shippee evokes the words […]

Life goes better with pink

by MIKE CHAIKEN Lilly Pulitzer once said “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” Model […]

1990s hip-hop is back

by MIKE CHAIKEN With the release of a posthumous album from 1990s superstar Aaliyah, who tragically died […]

Fashion is fierce

by MIKE CHAIKEN Animal prints never truly fade from sight in the world of fashion. But fashion […]

Riding into your ears

by MIKE CHAIKEN Brittney Dixon is ready to ride. Country singer Brittney, who is based in Shreveport, […]

Rock on, dude. Rock on.

by MIKE CHAIKEN The 1990s are hot. Olivia Rodrigo is riding the top of the charts with […]

Red it on the calendar

by MIKE CHAIKEN Red is bold. Red is passionate. And red is a call to action to […]

Socks it to you

by MIKE CHAIKEN When it comes to fashion, dresses, gowns, tops, skirts, pants, shoes… and so on… […]

Cute for fall

by MIKE CHAIKEN With fall in its New England house, crisp sunny afternoons outdoors are made for […]