Neon lights up the night

by MIKE CHAIKEN Celebrating neon nights is all fine and dandy. But in the northeast, the fall […]

Down by the seaside

by MIKE CHAIKEN Ocean-side can mean many things. It can mean overlooking the shore from the deck […]

Let it flow

by MIKE CHAIKEN Khadija Assabar had a variety of activity options at her disposal as the clock […]

Pink is the color of passion

by MIKE CHAIKEN In the long-ago 1990s, songwriters Glen Ballard and Richard Supa presented legendary rockers Aerosmith […]

New York had a mighty LAM

by MIKE CHAIKEN Legends Are Made, LAM, brought its brand of street warrior fitness gear to the […]

Gotham’s got it

by MIKE CHAIKEN New York City is the capital of American fashion. And New York City offers […]

Stripes of summer

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Daviana Plaza is earning her stripes in this jumper modeled on the historic […]

Cool for the summer

by MIKE CHAIKEN Summer has taken hold of New England. Model Daviana Plaza keeps cool in style […]

Pixie dust

by MIKE CHAIKEN The iconic 1960s model Twiggy broke the mold of what a model was supposed […]

Anyone for brunch?

by MIKE CHAIKEN As masks come off, people are asking themselves, “Where do you want to go […]

Triple threat of style

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Kirsten Lynn Clements is looking to be a triple career threat. The recent […]

Stretch it out

by MIKE CHAIKEN Although sweats and PJs are still considered the fashion of necessity during these days […]

Fashion is academic

by MIKE CHAIKEN With its old world architectural details and diverse landscaping, New Haven’s Yale University is […]

To the manor born

by MIKE CHAIKEN If you’re going to visit a former mansion, you might want to get a […]

Blue skies don’t care

by MIKE CHAIKEN Blue skies over southern Connecticut with a pair of artfully torn blue jeans makes […]