Designer Confidential: Ebony Amber’s CHUNK



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Name: Ebony Amber and Tyler Green

Brand Name: Ebony Amber’s CHUNK

Location: Litchfield, Conn.


How would they describe your aesthetic?

Here at Ebony Amber’s CHUNK, we would describe our style as funky, in your face, unique designs. We strive to create pieces that inspire creativity and strength. Things that are important to CHUNK are color, glitter and a bit of humor. No one should take themselves too seriously. Have fun with life and dare to wear art around your neck.


What served as your inspiration?

Ebony Amber and Tyler Green consider themselves artists first. They are inspired by anything that gets their creative juices flowing. Amber and Green don’t only make jewelry. Ebony is a costume designer and writer while Tyler makes amazing prosthetics and specializes in special effects makeup. Both designers have won awards for their creative ventures and Tyler Green was a finalist on Season 6 of the SyFy show “Face Off.”


Who is their favorite fashion icon and why?

Both Amber and Green are inspired by designers that push the limits such as Alexander McQueen. They are also inspired by colorful fun designers like Betsey Johnson. Ebony has also been influenced by Eiko Ishioka who was the costume designer for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Not only did Ishioka inspire Ebony Amber, but Amber went so far as to recreate one of Ishioka’s iconic costumes worn by Winona Ryder in the cult classic Dracula film.


What celebrity or fictional character would you like to dress and what would you make for them?

At the moment Ebony Amber’s CHUNK is mainly designing necklaces. If there was one person or character that we would like to send a necklace to it would have to be Lady Gaga. She is a fashion icon who is forward thinking and stands for issues that we here at Ebony Amber’s CHUNK believe in. We would probably make her a “little monsters” hand all blinded out with glitter and Swarovski crystals.


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