The genie of burlesque waiting to be released


Burlesque is a subset of fashion.

After all, Dita Von Teese and Bettie Page are icons of fashion.

And what is fashion without a nod to shimmer and glitter.

Plus, every woman needs at least one corset in her wardrobe.

However, like all fashion, the lamp of burlesque needs a good deal of elbow grease in the rubbing before the genie appears.

Backstage at SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day at Trinity-In-Main in New Britain on March 25, regional burlesque performers Mistress Leona Star, Vivienne LaFlamme, and Harley Foxx sequestered themselves in the basement to transform themselves from their travel appearance to their stage alter-egos. There were lashes to apply, glitter to paint across their lips, wardrobe to install, props to double-check… and a lot of waiting before the stage manager called, “Time.”