COVID-19 has impact on bridal style selection


The designers have made their pitch for their vision for bridal gowns next season.

Amsale’s latest collection features this minimalist approach to design. CONTRIBUTED

Subsequently, pundits of the wedding industry have traced the trends that brides will find in the stores.

Along the way, these bridal fashion experts have seen how COVID-19 has begun to influence brides as to their choice for wedding attire.

Some of these experts shared what their thoughts were on the upcoming season during a roundtable discussion hosted by Love Stories TV.

Due to COVID, bridal markets for the next season were canceled. Many designers, and market organizers, took to virtual presentations of the latest wedding attire. The experts appearing on Love Stories TV based their observations on the virtual presentations.

“I saw a lot of minimalist dresses,” said Brittny Drye, founder of Love Inc. magazine, which caters to the LGBTQ+ community. “That’s a byproduct of what we’re going through right now (such as COVID).”

One of the minimalist approaches to bridal attire design from Jenny Yoo. The pandemic has influenced the style choices of brides for next season.

COVID has impacted weddings as couples have been forced to rethink their plans, Drye noted.

“People are realizing… it’s about what you want and making it your own… tapping into your personal style,” said Drye.

“That’s what people have learned through all of this.”

“A lot of designers did simple silhouettes without embellishments,” said Juliette Dallas-Feeney, marketing director for Love Stories TV.

“Not everyone wants this bridal ball gown,” said Drye. “They want more simple, more subdued… more minimalist.”

Dallas-Feeney said the industry prior to COVID-19 had been focused on big extravagant gowns. But after seeing what customers want now, she thought designers will be embracing this minimalist approach.

Another bridal gown from Amsale that utilizes a minimalist approach to design. Wedding industry experts say this is the next big trend. CONTRIBUTED

“There’s a lot of versatility with the styling (of a minimalist gown),” said Dallas-Feeney. For instance, you can wear a leather jacket with one of these gowns. You can also get fancier with the look by layering on accessories.

This coming season is not the first time world events have impacted trends in bridal fashion, said Drye.

“Think back to 2008, we had a recession,” said Drye. “So, a lot of DIY weddings started popping up, which led to more of a bohemian look (for bridal looks).”

Fawnia Soo Hoo, a fashion journalist, said she saw a lot of floral prints from designers for the coming bridal season. Although floral prints have been around long before, Hoo said she sees the floral prints as a response to the pandemic and the social unrest that has been indicative of 2020.

“We needed the happiness,” said Hoo.

“I also saw a lot of ruffled tiers that will look very editorial,” said Drye. “I don’t know if it will stand the test of time,” she said, but she added “I personally prefer that couture editorial look.”

The pant suit also will be one of the popular looks for weddings for spring/summer 2021, said Lynn Cooper, the chief managing officer of Signature Bride magazine, which caters to affluent black brides. Cooper noted how several designers are offering slacks for brides. She pointed out the look is versatile. Also, the garments have the possibility of being worn “again and again.”

A bridal pant suit, one of the new offerings presented by designers for next season. This look comes from David’s Bridal.

“It’s not going anywhere soon,” said Cooper of pant suits.

In general, said Hoo, “Separates (for bridal attire) are here to stay,” said Hoo. “(Women) like the flexibility to make our own outfits and make them unique,” said the fashion journalist.

A bridal jacket from David’s Bridal reflects a move toward more separates for couples getting married. CONTRIBUTED