Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley is playing games in the Smokies


One of the most strenuous, adrenaline pumping, and high octane shows in the Smoky Mountains, Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud features award-winning lumberjack athletes from across the U.S. competing with one another in the physically intensive areas of log rolling, canoe jousting, axe throwing, and many more thrilling areas of competition.

The audience is divided at the start of the show into two groups: The Dawsons and The McGraws and are encouraged to clap, scream and interact as much as possible while the two opposing Lumberjack and Lumberjill teams vie for the coveted overall winning title of the Lumberjack games.

Each win is marked by a Lumberjack “Cookie” (a term which refers to the sawed-off end of a log ) and a Lumberjill makes her way into the audience to present the most enthusiastic member of the winning team with the prestigious and sought after cookies. The cookies not only symbolize each lumberjack’s victory within the competition, but also make a wonderful souvenir to take back home.

The tough, strong and wily Lumberjacks are impressive with their incredible feats of strength and agility throughout the 1.5 hour show as they also entertain with comedic quips, hilarious banter and plenty of audience interaction. One standout moment of each and every show is where a small fan is selected to take home their very own make shift “chair,” carved in real time during the show.

Seasoned and accomplished lumberjack, Tyler Alden, steals the show with numerous memorable moments throughout and displays several beautifully carved pieces including black bears, owls and many other carefully detailed works of wooden art, which are available for purchase during intermission as well as after the show.

Undeniably, one of the most unique and high energy shows in town, Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud is rousing, rampaging fun for the entire family.


Put your lumberjack skills to the ultimate test at Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Adventure Park, a high-thrill adventure park offering a challenging ropes course , a speed climb, two adrenaline pumping 80 foot free falls, and The Flying Ox: the first of its kind Zipline roller coaster.

Lasting a total of two hours, your thrilling adventure will begin as you “channel your inner flannel” on the High Woodsmen Challenge ropes course , winding and climbing over rolling logs, dodging “axes” suspended in the air and braving daring new heights far above the safety of the ground below on the world famous ropes adventure course that allows visitors to test and showcase their strength and balancing skills.

Once you’ve completed the ropes course, make your way over to the Speed Climb and race to the top just like the stars of the Lumberjack show; you can even make your expedition a competitive challenge by finding an opponent to race to the top.

Take in views of the bustling city of Pigeon Forge by defying gravity on the park’s world famous Zipline roller coaster, The Flying Ox, which will have you flying high and soaring freely above the expanse of the park.

Lastly, step out onto the platform of the Timber Towers, if you dare, and plunge 80 feet to the ground with the daring, spine tingling free fall, which will give you an inexplicable rush of energy and will undoubtedly feed your craving for a brand new adventure. (All guests receive the opportunity to complete two runs on the Flying Ox and Timber Towers.)


PHONE NUMBER : (865) 366-3330


Voted by top media outlets, travel guides, and the general public as the best miniature golf course in the city of Pigeon Forge and the #1 course in the United States, Crave Golf Club featured two total fun, whimsical, and challenging 19-hole courses. Featuring larger than life decor based on candy, ice cream and other decadent treats, Crave Golf Club serves up sweet fun for the entire family.

A quintessential outing for a rainy day, the indoor miniature golf course is the premiere destination for making wonderful memories regardless of the weather, offering a fanciful ambiance of sugar plums, ice cream sandwich cookies, waffle cones, chocolate waterfalls and lollipops– all which make excellent backdrops for your social media snapshots.

The second level of Crave Golf Club features a whole different set of decor including gumdrop trees, candy cane lanes and gingerbread houses, all which offer new sets of challenges for players of all skill and experience levels.

During our visit, the course was filled with guests of all ages, ranging from tiny tykes to my nearly 90-year-old grandmother, all whom were greatly enjoying their time at this landmark Pigeon Forge miniature golf destination.

Crave Golf Club also features “Crave Style” interactive stations, which offer a fun and unique new approach to miniature golf with wacky twists and unexpected challenges that you will not find elsewhere!

Enhance your Crave Golf Club Experience by taking part in the many other exciting games and activities they have to offer, including miniature bowling, an escape room, as well as a full-scale candy store (offering a divine selection of chocolates, hard candies, jelly beans, suckers, and almost every other type of candy imaginable), soft serve ice cream, and much more!


PHONE NUMBER: (865) 366-3403


The world’s first toy themed miniature golf course and one of the most adventurous, whimsical, and outrageously innovative courses in town, Toy Box Mini Golf offers an immersive 18-hole wonderland featuring mega-size toy themed decor to release your inner child. Great fun for the entire family, nostalgic decor such as “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots”, “Barbie’s Dream House”, the original “Slinky” and many more toy-themed installations are sure to incite fond memories among adult guests, while children will delight in the interactive golf challenges and A Giant Spinner Wheel that offers the chance to win free sweet treats from the candy shop. The entire family will surely enjoy the included corn hole game at the start of the course, taking photos amidst all the grand scale backdrops the course has to offer and the opportunity to lower their total overall scores during the final hole.


PHONE NUMBER: (865) 229-9922


Stationed within Top Jump Trampoline and Extreme Arena (a high octane experience we previously had the pleasure of covering for Backstage Pass), Top Jump Arcade offers an incredible selection of classic and modern games and prizes to suit everyone in your party.

The perfect indoor activity during inclement weather, Top Jump Arcade offers an extremely convenient location and late night hours during the weekend to ensure optimal guest satisfaction. Vintage favorites like PAC Man, Down The Clown, Milk Jug and Ring Toss, as well as Skee Ball are available throughout the arcade as well as contemporary favorites such as “Sink It”, various toy claw and prize machines, Air Hockey, and Basketball allow guests to hone their skills and make fun vacation memories, while earning points and tickets in the process.

Tickets can be redeemed in the prize redemption center for various trinkets and treasure including candies, souvenir cups, plush pillows, and much more.


PHONE NUMBER: (865) 366-3400