Connecticut girl takes on New York Fashion Week


Katalina Litchfield has been involved in fashion for five years and along the way of her style journey she has modeled as well as launched her own fashion line—Kat Couture.

It’s been a productive five years, but it also happens to be about half of Katalina’s life.

You see, she’s just 10-years-old.

The Sterling, Conn. resident explained, “I got involved with (fashion) when I was five. I was donating toys to this girl named JoJo and she introduced me to it and my mom signed me up for my first ever pageant. Then I started doing modeling from there. Then about half-way, I started doing my designs.”

Katalina’s sophomore collection, dubbed Kat Couture, recently was shown in New York Fashion Week. She debuted her clothes, which she describes as “fancy,” at the February shows in the Big Apple.

Having one fashion week under her belt gave Katalina a better perspective of what to expect from the frenzy of the runway.

“It was really crazy, but I loved it, watching all of my models walk and other models walk,” said Katalina.

Katalina also served as one of her own models. Additionally, the 10-year-old walked for several other designers as well: Mila Hoffman, Wanda Beauchamp, Eye Candy and Andrianna Ostrowska.

Katalina has managed to fill up her resume despite one drawback.

Her health.

“I have a condition called CVID. It affects my T cells and B cells,” said Katalina.

The Immune Deficiency Foundation explains: “Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) is one of the most frequently diagnosed primary immunodeficiencies… characterized by low levels of serum immunoglobulins and antibodies, which causes an increased susceptibility to infection.

Due to the CVID, Katalina said, “I have to go to the hospital ever three weeks to get a transfusion.”

Although hospital visits are a regular part of Katalina’s routine, the young designer said, “I don’t let it rob me from doing my dreams because it’s just a side sickness and I can get over it.”

And CVID has stirred the dreams of the young model and designer.

“My dream is to become a biotech to cure my sickness and other sicknesses,” said Katalina.

Katalina at New York Fashion Week.

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Katalina photographed in northeast Connecticut. PHOTOS by MIKE CHAIKEN