Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley is ‘Gettin’ Basted’ in Branson


Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top barbecue eateries, Gettin’ Basted has garnered an impressive line-up of awards for its keen attention to detail and commitment to quality, including the highly prestigious Jack Daniels award (which was also accompanied by a handsome check).

Featuring a relaxed, yet retro chic design aesthetic, complete with urban style graffiti wall art and festive, upbeat wall hangings, the plethora of five figure checks, certificates and trophies Gettin’ Basted has won for its superior grilled meats at international competitions throughout the years cover the establishment from wall to wall: a true testament of this Branson landmark’s outstanding — and well earned — reputation.

Hosting a clientele that is comprised almost equally of tourists and ardently committed “regulars,” Gettin’ Basted is run by a staff of friendly and incredibly hospitable managers and servers, ensuring that each and every guest feels both valued and accommodated throughout the duration of their visit.

Revolutionary grilling techniques, wildly innovative recipes and delectable cocktails you truly cannot find anywhere else are just a few of the many reasons that legions of guests deem “Gettin’ Basted” as “The Flavor of the Ozarks.”

Backstage Pass on IHeart Radio/ received the exclusive opportunity to visit this iconic establishment to scope out the best of the best starters, entrees, side items, cocktails, and of course, barbecue, that you absolutely must try on your next visit.



Lake Water (don’t worry, they don’t snag it from Table Rock Lake): Blending Cruzan coconut and aged rum, Capt. Morgan’s, blue curacao, and orange and pineapple juice.

Basted Mary: House vodka, Major Peter’s bold and spicy mix infused with basted BBQ sauce, topped with an overloaded meat skewer to feed even the biggest cravings and appetites.



Fried okra: Crispy fried to absolute perfection and tossed up with BBQ Rub, ancho drizzle and a side of BBQ ranch.

Pork tacos: BBQ pulled pork, cilantro coleslaw and smoked pineapples for an inimitable sweet and savory flavor combination.



The Berkeley: One of Gettin’ Basted’s most popular sandwich offerings, The Berkeley combines smoked turkey, bacon, spring mix, and aioli on a pressed hoagie for the perfect option to enjoy for a light lunch or dinner.



Half smoked chicken, waffle cut sweet potato fries, real maple syrup, BBQ sauce served with one regular size and Texas toast.



Blackberry Cobbler: Served up with a scoop of scrumptious vanilla ice cream, this iconic southern dessert featured fresh blackberries drenched in juicy drizzle and served up with a hearty, warm, flaky crust.


Special thanks to the incredible Tammy for facilitating our visit to Gettin’ Basted for this spotlight feature and to our wonderful server, Daniela, for the excellent service and unparalleled hospitality.


PHONE NUMBER: (417) 320-6357

INSTAGRAM: @gettinbasted