Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley takes ride to Wheels of Yesteryear


The premier destination for car enthusiasts in the city of Myrtle Beach, S.C. –Wheels of Yesteryear — features a staggering rotating line up of over 200 cars, complete with insightful and educational factoids and reading materials regarding the cars, as well as an exceedingly wide range of makes and models: ranging from classic “muscle cars” to the unique V- 8 Gremlin (also known as the “Poor man’s corvette”).

Opened by avid automobile enthusiast/collector, Paul Cummings in 2009, Wheels of Yesteryear has since firmly cemented its status as one of the most distinctively diverse — and expertly curated — car museums in the state of South Carolina.

Droves of visitors from around the world visit this landmark museum annually to marvel at the dynamic vehicles on display, including models ranging from the GTS (featuring the sleek, stylish, and svelte aesthetic which you would expect from any sports car), the legendary and instantly recognizable General Lee (a 1969 Dodge Charger driven in the television series “The Dukes of Hazzard”), as well as a variety of refurbished models, revamped and recreated to appear as good as new.

Fifty-two automobiles are kept on display and rotated often so that visitors can experience and enjoy different cars during each and every visit to this exciting Grand Strand attraction, encouraging and incentivizing guests to return often for a new and exciting experience each and every time.

The museum, which highlights a private collection of a vast array of automobiles, many of which you cannot find anywhere else, brings to fruition the lifelong passion and vision of Cummings, whose admiration of American cars and trucks was his motivation for displaying his private collection for the public to enjoy and admire.

Cummings, whose grandfather was a decorated drag racer, ardently collected cars for some 55 years, consistently scoping out the latest and greatest items to add to his extensive, and impressive, assemblage.

His wife, Carol, suggested that he open a museum when the volume of his collection exceeded the amount of space in which they had to store it at home. Hence, Wheels of Yesteryear was born — providing a beautifully displayed, carefully assembled, and daringly different cast of automobiles for car collectors and enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy and appreciate for countless years to come.



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