Backstage Pass: Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week


Held twice annually in our great “mother country” of England, London Fashion Week comprises a portion of “The Big 4” fashion week events (along with New York, Paris and Milan), brining world class designers, top models, renowned photographers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe together for exclusive and unforgettable presentations. 

I was afforded the opportunity to walk for a myriad of acclaimed designers during one of the fashion season’s most exhilarating events, and I also took time to scope out the best of the best accommodations which are sure to suit your needs on your next trip to London, whether for business, pleasure, or both. 

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Located near a plethora of London’s most prestigious and historically important landmarks, The Barry House is an elegant-yet understated, accommodating-yet minimalist- boutique style hotel featuring cozy rooms, a convenient location and unfathomably economical prices, which all indubitably factor in to this exquisite property being one of the city’s highest ranked hotels of its kind in the city.

Following our stay at this historic lodging destination during our trip to London Fashion Week last season in Feb of 2022, we decided to return to The Barry House due to its impossibly close proximity to all of our favorite London attractions including the aforementioned Kensington Gardens, Royal Albert Hall and surrounding statues, the bustling Central London district (complete with Broadway style theatrical shows, China Town, Times Square-esque billboards, a burgeoning nightlife scene, Buckingham Palace, and a vast array of pubs and eateries), as well as countless additional sought after, land mark destinations that are sure to offer something to excite and delight everyone in your party. 

Personal, quaint, and distinctively charming, The Barry House offers an inimitable comfort which will surely make you feel right at home, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Each room offers differing art works, decor and accommodations to suit your unique personal needs, (including queen and single bed combinations, king beds, twin beds, double queen, and more), and you can rest easy knowing that each room provides a personal bathroom, flat screen televisions with an assortment of globally recognized channels, a stainless steel teapot, complete with assortments of British teas and coffees and the guarantee that you will enjoy a restful night sleep in one of the most peaceful and quiet areas you’ll find in Britain.

Special thanks to the Barry House Hotel Manager, Tipu Kahn for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature. 



PHONE NUMBER: +44 20 7723 7340




Featuring a beautifully curated stage and set design, viscerally dazzling LED projections and surround sound, world class production quality, and some of the most sublime global designs you’ll find under one roof, The House of Ikons and Fashion Life Tour teams have, respectively, established themselves and cemented their statuses as a tour de force in the fashion industry.

Following my debut with these productions in London in February 2022, I vowed to return each subsequent year I was able, and the company’s recent February 2023 show absolutely lived up to their own gold standards. 

Held at the iconic Leonardo Royal Hotel , this dynamic event featured a wide variety of models from around the globe, including the stunning Lizzie Salinas, a model from my Magnifique Company who traveled from Texas to be a part of this fashion and style extravaganza. 

Live music performers and various entertainers from around the world were highlighted while many members of press and media (including Magnifique’s very own master photographer, Lynn Henley Photography), Pix by GG (who also works as a producer of the Fashion Life Tour), World Fashion News ( a high quality coffee table magazine that provides exclusive coverage of House of Ikons’ twice annual events), Getty Images and legions of others. 

I was afforded the opportunity to walk for a wildly impressive line up of creatives, all accented with handmade jewelry from expertly sourced fine gemstones from caverns, mines, and trade shows across the nation, designed and owned by the mastermind Angela Schneckcloth of Warrior Gurl Designs (who has also been featured as the jewelry headliner at the 2022/23 seasons of New York Fashion Week as well as our house Magnifique shows).

My designer line up included Hafanana Swimwear (featuring a stylish leopard print bikini with a chic fringe skirt), a wedding couture dress from powerhouse clothier Andre Soriano and an exquisite hand painted tropical print skirt by the environmentally conscious Yalacity, supported by HM The Queen of Sirkit Department of Agriculture. 

Other notable couture presentations included a gossamer shawl, adorned with stripes of various pastel colors and cool, calm hues, accented with a silver cross Warrior Girl gemstone necklace by MM Remix, designed by Maria Mahlmann, gold and silver tone chain metal couture by Links by Gwen, And Bold Black Dresses (during which an exquisite deep blue velveteen illusion frock, adorned with a flowing taffeta train was created in an approximately mere 15 mins in the lobby area of the showcase), Zaira Christa (featuring a flapper style black sequin dress with a matching tube top under sheath and chic fringed bottom), Perry Jones (boasting a stellar line up of smart, tailored, expertly designed suit jackets for both women and men), and a ruggedly stylish denim ensemble by Pam Pinay. 

Special thanks to Julie and GG of the Fashion Life Tour, my fellow “America’s Next Top Model” alumnus (and former roommate) Kiara Belen, and Savita Kaye, owner and CEO of the House of Ikons Fashion Week show for having me on board for this marvelous production.


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The Fashion Life Tour: (747) 224-9330

Instagram (The Fashion Life Tour) @thefashionlifetour 

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Warrior Gurl Jewelry: @warriorgurlsbeads 

Photography Credit: Ruth DSouza @ruthl3ns (professional images.)

Lynn Henley Photography @lynnhenleyphotography (behind the scenes snapshots.)