Backstage Pass: Enjoying the Crazy Craig empire in Branson

NYSFE Magazine
Since its inception, the Crazy Craig empire, which offers two total locations in Branson, Mo., including The Treehouse and The Cheeky Monkey, has garnered praise and acclaim by both guests from across the United States and media outlets alike for its commitment to excellence in quality of the chef-inspired food selections, outstandingly creative libations, and undeniably fun, laid back atmosphere.

Dart Frog Dip at Crazy Craig’s Treehouse

Placing a keen emphasis on offering a vast array of unexpectedly “foodie-inspired” appetizers, entrees and cocktails in an atmosphere that is bright, cheerful and doesn’t take itself too seriously, Crazy Craig’s is sure to become one of your favorite destinations for delectable dishes, wildly unique beverages and non-stop fun — whether you’re looking for a laid back outing with friends or a locale for a casual date night.

I had the opportunity to visit not one, but two of Crazy Craig’s stellar locations, each offering completely different experiences and aesthetics.



Conveniently located amidst all the action on the world-famous 76 Country Boulevard in Branson, Crazy Craig’s Treehouse is the premiere “hang out” spot for all of Branson’s most elite entertainers and frequently serves as a venue for several of the area’s major awards show after parties, including the Nashville Roadhouse Theater’s romping, rousing unofficial Terry Awards party last season (complete with festive cocktails and a lively DJ, spinning dance tunes that kept the party going late into the night).

Featuring a relaxed, yet chic, design aesthetic complete with a bright neon color palette, kitschy and artsy paintings featuring playful monkeys in various settings and scenarios, Crazy Craig’s Treehouse fosters an environment where you just cannot help but feel bright, breezy and carefree.

One of the only destinations in Branson where you can experience true late night dining, Crazy Craig’s Treehouse places convenience and customer satisfaction at a high value, also offering a fully stocked, full service bar with almost every type of cocktail, liquor, and libation imaginable, high tops, bar seating, and (our personal favorite) cozy booths, available for optimal comfort and privacy, as well as pool tables upstairs, offering ample opportunities for gaming and savoring the crisp night air on the adjacent outside upstairs deck (a popular area for parties, gatherings, and other intimate functions).

The staggering array of food and beverages offered at Crazy Craig’s Treehouse are just as delightful as the atmosphere itself, and we met the challenging feat of selecting just a few items from the expansive food and beverage menu to offer all the best of the best recommendations you absolutely must try on your next visit.



Shots of beautifully presented , neon green “Monkey Punch” were brought to the table to welcome us to Crazy Craig’s Treehouse, and this beloved, signature beverage has become a Treehouse favorite among regulars and newcomers alike.



Builders Gin Negroni: Builders gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and two dashes angostura orange bitters.

Builders gin strawberry smash: Builders gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice, strawberry purée, mint and ginger beer.

Gulleytown Whiskey Manhattan: Double barrel aged, Gullytown single malt whiskey , sweet vermouth, two dashes angostura orange bitters.

Gullytown whiskey sour: Double barrel aged, Gullytown single malt whiskey, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, wine and a lemon twist.

Sunset Cocktail: One ounce Builders gin, one ounce orange liqueur, .75 oz simple syrup, three ounces Treehouse sour mix and a splash of grenadine and soda water.



Dart Frog Dip: This starter is made from mashed chickpeas, seasoned with garlic, topped with fresh olive tapenade and roasted tomatoes. Served with pieces of crispy naan bread.



Chicken BLT salad: Grilled or crispy fried chicken, blend of crispy romaine and spring mix lettuce, crispy bacon, fresh diced tomatoes and Colby jack cheese. Served with a choice of dressing.



Turkey pesto: Sliced smoked turkey , spinach, fresh pesto, roasted tomatoes, Swiss cheese on crispy panini bread.

Special thanks to our server, Maranda Starita, for the outstanding service and to manager, Jonathan Ramos, for his excellent hospitality throughout the duration of our visit.


PHONE NUMBER: (417) 334-7003



Nestled on the outskirts of Branson and featuring an aesthetic that is lighthearted, festive, fun, and undeniably, well, cheeky, Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey has firmly cemented its status as the go to destination for late night dining, creatively delectable cocktails, pulse pounding dance music, a full-service bar and some of the most flavorful, tender BBQ you’ll find in town.

Covered in playful, colorful murals brandishing a variety of fun and fashionable “cheeky monkeys” engaging in various shenanigans, Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar creates an atmosphere that is both enticing for adults looking for a high-energy, yet lighthearted, “party vibe” and families looking for a fun destination to enjoy hearty, delicious fare, and a casual, lighthearted atmosphere.

Also featuring a dance floor where you can show off all your best moves while sipping on an exclusive Cheeky Monkey cocktail from the full service bar, Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey affords guests the opportunity to enjoy everything they need for an epic night out including an expansive menu featuring scrumptious and unexpected recipes, a delightful array of adult beverages, and some of the friendliest and most accommodating staff you’ll find in the city of Branson.

Crazy Craig’s ardent commitment to quality is evident through the vast array of food and beverages offered on the menu, with only the finest and most thoughtfully curated ingredients.

Some of our favorite menu items were:



Monkey Fuel: Clear Springs lightning-190 proof, Hiram Walker peach schnapps, blue Hawaiian Punch, Mountain Dew and sour, featuring a crystal blue color reminiscent of the ocean.

Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy: Deep Eddy;s lemon vodka, club soda, citrus soda, simple syrup with a squeeze of lemon and lime juice.

Do We Ooh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang Monkey Pint: Featuring a lovely purple hue, a refreshing sweet flavor and a sharp, fizzy finish.

Spank the Monkey: Pinnacle orange and cherry vodkas, Red Bull, cranberry juice and orange juice. The tag line for this delightful, kitschy and campy drink is fitting: If you’ve been naughty, you deserve a spanking.



Cheeky Nachos: Crispy nachos covered in pulled pork, melted cheese, baked beans and all the beloved traditional “fixins”

Quesadillas: A scrumptious traditional quesadilla with melted cheese and savory grilled chicken.



Cheeky grilled chicken club sandwich: Delicious grilled chicken in between thick slices of club bread with mayonnaise , mustard, fresh lettuce and tomato, served with slaw, potato salad, and pasta salad on the side.

BBQ Half Rack and pulled Pulled Pork: Winner of several of the Nation’s top prestigious “Best Barbecue” awards, served up with an array of fabulous sides.


Special thanks to Craig for facilitating our visits for these spotlight features and the supervisors, managers, and waitstaff for exemplary service and hospitality at both locations.


PHONE NUMBER: (417)335-2620