Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley is in the House (of Blues)


Since its establishment in 1992 by legendary actor and comic Dan Aykroyd (co-star of the 1980 film, “The Blues Brothers”) and Hard Rock Café co-founder, Isaac Tigrett, House of Blues has established its status as, not only a world class concert venue for some of the music industry’s top names, but also a premier destination for fabulous food, delicious libations, and lots more opportunities to be delightfully entertained.

House of Blues wears its unapologetically unpretentious, iconoclastically chic, and undeniably creole aesthetic like a badge of honor, serving up a variety of different options for fun and excitement at the chain’s consistently top notch, yet distinctly different 11 total locations.

Backstage Pass on IHeart Radio /CTFashionMag was afforded the exclusive opportunity to highlight the acclaimed onsite Murder Mystery show in Myrtle Beach as well as House of Blues’ world class restaurant to provide you the inside scoop on what to expect during your upcoming visit.



Side splitting laughter, bone chilling twists and turns, and non-stop “Who Dunnit” fun are just a few of the many elements that make a visit to the House of Blues Myrtle Beach Murder Mystery Dinner Show so unforgettable.

Several key factors that make this top-notch, exquisitely performed, and hauntingly eerie Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre stand out from the rest is that the storylines are presented in a “real time” format, and the cast of players is seated among guests, creating an air of distrust and discord, as the murderer in question could be the unassuming man sitting next to you at the dinner table, the seemingly harmless woman washing her hands beside you in the restroom, or maybe even your friendly and accommodating server. Everyone is suspect, and no one is safe , in this romping, rousing two-hour spectacle of twisted plot lines, deliciously demented cast of characters and a scrumptious feast that will whet even your most sinful cravings.

The evening began as our hospitable, albeit suspicious-looking host, Dominique, showed us to our table, which contained a “Clue Packet,” encouraging each guest to gather information that may lead to an ultimate conclusion regarding the identity of the sinister murder in question and the elusive motive leading to the death of an innocent man.

During our visit, the storyline (which changes every month, incentivizing guests to return time and time again for a completely different experience) centered around an emotionally unstable man, who was prescribed the newly established, and highly questionable, anti-anxiety medication “Chillaxen” in order to alleviate the distress caused by his mental disorders.

The aforementioned gentlemen suffered an extreme public mental breakdown due to a detrimental reaction to the pharmaceutical, causing him to be killed by law enforcement who acted in self-defense at the scene of his episode.

The victim’s family, determined to avenge the death of their ill-fated loved one, plot a complex and sophisticated murder plot, where a bevy of potential victims are gathered together at an elegant dinner, only to become “sitting ducks” for the grisly murders bound to take place in the ensuring hours.

Poisoned drinks, ill-fated restroom breaks and the flagrant misuse of the chef’s carving knives cause the dinner guests to drop like flies, each meeting their untimely demise in between dinner courses, after which they are wrapped in black table cloths and dragged into the kitchen area by smiling servers.

Not for the faint of heart, the House of Blues Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre creates a palpable feeling of danger and suspense due to the fact that the script is largely improv-based and performed in a manner that is so realistic that discerning between storyline and reality becomes almost an insurmountable feat to the attendees.

The colorful and yes, very shady, cast of players including Gene Pool, a money obsessed Medical Doctor, Officer Justin Time, and Brighton Early-among others- walk a fine line between villain and victim in this devilishly fun murder mystery extravaganza.

The three-course feast, decidedly more gourmet than what you might expect at your standard murder mystery dinner show, is served between acts of the show and includes a scrumptious, chef prepared line up of:

A fresh garden salad featuring spring mix lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grated mozzarella cheese, and cucumbers.

Impossibly tender grilled chicken breast, served with fresh carrots and hearty mashed potatoes. A freshly baked dinner roll with butter is also served.

You’ll get your “just desserts” to finish with a flavorful and decedent cheesecake, topped with fluffy whipped cream.

Shady Characters Murder Mystery Dinner Theater owner, writer, and director, Matthew McCarty, sublimely executes the difficult feat of creating a murder mystery experience that is, at once, haunting, delightfully kitschy, action packed, and filled with surprises at every turn. Be sure to check the House of Blues website and/or call the box office for a full roster of upcoming Murder Mystery shows, dates, and events with this acclaimed production company.


PHONE NUMBER: 843.272.3000


Housed in the stylish, wildly unique, and iconic House of Blues Entertainment Complex, the House of Blues Restaurant is the premier destination in Myrtle Beach for foodie-approved cuisine, award winning cocktails, and an artistic atmosphere unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Covered from wall to wall in hand created, one of a kind art works, paying homage to both blues and rock and roll greats such as B.B King, Jimi Hendrix and Ma Rainey, the eclectic aesthetic and palpable, electric energy of this world -class restaurant are just as delectable as the food itself. Offering a myriad of exclusive opportunities including a spirited Gospel Brunch that allows guests to start their Sunday started right with gospel music, guaranteed to lift your mood and raise your spirits, while enjoying scrumptious traditional brunch fare, a full-service bar and patio/deck that affords House of Blues Guests the exclusive opportunity to enjoy free live music by some of the Grand Strand’s most acclaimed bands.

We scoured the staggeringly vast menu at House of Blues Myrtle Beach as we strove to tackle the seemingly insurmountable feat of selecting a few key items to highlight.

I suggest these items when you and your family/friends visit Myrtle Beach.



Crossroads Cadillac Margarita: Teremana blanco small batch tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour, topped with grand Marnier

Beast of Bourbon: Knob Creek bourbon, maple syrup, chocolate bitters and orange.



Crispy Brussels sprouts, deep fried, with champagne vinaigrette.

Mac N Cheese Skillet: Topped with toasted breadcrumbs.



Fried chicken: Two crispy fried chicken breasts, country gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, house-made slaw.

Blackened salmon, blackened or simply grilled, andouille reduction, pickled red onion, creamed corn.



Cobb Salad, Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, blue cheese crumble, bacon, hard boiled egg, blue cheese dressing.



Bread pudding, bourbon butter, toffee sauce.

Key lime pie, coconut graham cracker crust, whipped cream, lime zest, shaved coconut

We would like to specially thank the warm, hospitable, and personable supervisor on duty, Kara Whittaker, for ensuring that we were superbly taken care of throughout the duration of our visit, as well as our attentive server, Lakeida Skinner, for exemplary service.

Following our visit, we made our way out to the patio to enjoy music from the talented and popular local band, South Side Saints, while we felt the cool relaxing night beach breezes blowing.

Outstanding food and libations, world class music entertainment and inimitable bluesy style are just a few of the many reasons House of Blues should be a priority on your Myrtle Beach vacation bucket list.


PHONE NUMBER: (843) 272-3000

INSTAGRAM @hobmyrtlebeach



84 with Excitable – Tributes to Van Halen and Def Leppard

This raging, rousing, high octane tribute to rock and roll legends, Van Halen and Def Leppard brought the house down with pulse pounding covers of the groups’ greatest hits, killer vocals that rivaled the originals themselves, paired with state-of-the-art lighting and sound, creating a world class tribute show experience. Victoria and Lynn were unable to watch and cover this show due to a scheduling My producer Russ, and Ramona were sent in my place to provide you with the exclusive, inside scoop on all the action. 

Anticipation filled the air in the nearly packed concert venue before the acclaimed tribute artists took the stage, captivating with jolting instrumentals, and soaring vocal range that would surely win the approval of the two iconic rock bands themselves. The nearly two hour concert was filled with all the groups’ greatest hits, including ” Finish What Ya Started”, “(Oh) Pretty Woman” “Diver Down”, “ When It’s Love”, ” Why Can’t This Be Love” and of course, the internationally recognizable ” Jump” by Van Halen, as well as mega hit, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “White Lightning”, “Photograph”, and many more head bangers by the one and only, Def Leppard.