Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley has a laugh and a tune in Amish country


The premiere destination for laugh out loud variety, slapstick, and wildly unique comedy entertainment in the Amish Country, the Amish Country Theater, features a talented roster of entertainers, bringing to life an exceptional variety of rotating full scale production shows. Featuring side splitting comedy by the show’s headliner, Lynyrd, outstanding ventriloquism by the acclaimed Ken Groves, superb vocal arrangements by Donnie Abraham, laugh out loud parodies by the theater’s beloved brotherly duo: The Beachy Boys, as well as the latest additions to the cast: the hilarious Fannie (who brings multitudes of laughs with her comedy and satire-laden music numbers) as well as the wonderfully talented , Haley Joy, who delights audiences weekly with covers of songs by country’s most famous female crooners, as well as original numbers.

Well-reviewed by audiences and critics alike from across the United States, The Amish Country Theater is also known for contagiously festive seasonal specials, shows, and events.

I was afforded the exclusive opportunity to spotlight three of Amish Country Theater’s incredible shows.


Starring all of the principal Amish Country Theater cast members, “All Hogs Go to Heaven” is a romping, rousing good time with down home country music, “Hee-Haw” reminiscent jokes, parody songs galore, and knee slapping comedy from the theater’s beloved resident funny man, Lynyrd, who entertains with witty banter, hysterically original standup comedy, and improvised audience interactive segments.

Internationally renowned ventriloquist, Ken Groves steals the spotlight with one of his many “Dummy” stars, C.W (which stands for “Carved Wood”), an Amish character who is outrageously unpredictable and unafraid to speak exactly what is on his mind.

Headlining female vocalist, Haley Joy, entertains with a vast array of popular hits by many of the country music industry’s reigning queens, including one of her original songs, the clever and catchy, “Rich Man’s Wife.”

Donnie Abraham, the principal male vocalist, sings a stunning variety of widely recognized hits spanning a plethora of genres, hitting both bass and tenor notes with aplomb and great vibrato.

Abraham expertly plays the “Straight Man” to Lynyrd’s many shenanigans throughout the duration of the show.


Highlighting all the top moments of The Amish Country Theater’s award-winning productions throughout the years, The Greatest Hits show is compiled of uproarious comedy, laugh out loud video packages, high octane musical numbers, and legions of hilarious hi-jinks from all of your favorite original cast members. This inimitable show utilizes audience feedback and commentary to compile the most requested and popular scenes, songs, and comedic skits throughout the myriad of performances which have taken place on the Amish Country stage over the last several seasons.

A few of the highly memorable acts include Howard the Puppet, operated by the incredibly talented ventriloquist, Ken Groves, “Rindercella” (a backward re-telling of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella” which you must see to believe), a “Beachy Boys” parody of the Beatles’ chart topping singles hosted by Lynyrd, in character as “Barbara Walrus,” and a highly memorable audience participation segment during which several attendees were selected to be members of an exclusive “boy band.”

The Greatest Hits is a fantastic celebration of all the best Amish Country moments that any of the theater’s recurring and returning, or brand new, fans are sure to relish and greatly enjoy.


Light-hearted, spirited, and filled to the brim with the high-octane music numbers, audience participation segments, and much more fresh content, “Funny Side Up” delivers all the larger than life laughs you would expect from any Amish Country Theater performance, featuring stand out moments from some of your favorite original cast members as well as the newest principal players: vocalist Haley Joy and the hilarious, Fannie.

A few of the many laugh out loud funny and distinctively memorable moments throughout this show include a tough and wily “boxer puppet”, operated by resident ventriloquist, Ken Groves, headlining comedian Lynyrd playing (or rather, trying his best to play) the trumpet, “Deep Thoughts with Fannie” during which cast member Fannie provides her hilariously unique perspectives, and beautifully curated country melodies, incorporating some of the genres greatest hits, highlighting principal vocalist, Haley Joy’s stunning voice on some exceptional Dolly Parton numbers

P.T. Barnum once quipped, “The noblest art is that of making others happy”, and the Amish Country Theater is second to none when it comes to spreading joy through genuine laughter and clean, wholesome entertainment that everyone in your family can enjoy.


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