Florida studio hosts Backstage Pass’s Victoria Henley

Backstage Pass’s Victoria Henley recently visited Yvona Gonzalez in Longwood, Fla. And her content creation studio EV-E Productions.

Gonzalez, in an email explained, her business was started by herself and her mother Yvette Tomassini, mother, who has a degree in photography/videography.

“Throughout the years, she continued working as a photographer more as a hobby, but always stayed up to date and current with the many advances in the field,” explained Yvona.

Yvona, on the other hand, has been a dancer since the age of 4 and she earned a degree in dance performance and choreography in 2015.

“Injuries and health concerns led (me to) then become certified in personal training and holistic nutrition, as well as pole fitness, and Barre certified,” said Yvona. “(I am) committed to teaching the core principles of anatomy and the mechanics of movement – while also focusing on using a strong educational foundation to promote safety and success.”

“I always had the dream of opening a dance studio and (I) always thought it’d be amazing to have a photography studio,” said Yvona. “(My mother and I) found a perfect size warehouse space to start a duo studio. Half is dedicated for photoshoots, videography, podcasts and content creation. The other side is dedicated to hosting dance & fitness classes or events.”

Yvona added, “The mission behind the studio was to create a space for creatives to have the tools they need in order to build their portfolios and host events to bring the community together.”

For information, visit www.ev-eproductions.com