Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley experiences Presley’s Country Jubilee


One of the longest running — and most firmly established — shows on the world-famous “76 Country Boulevard” in Branson, Mo., Presley’s Country Jubilee, features a wildly talented all-star cast comprised of one of the Ozark’s original performing families, bringing to life a highly original variety-style production comprised of country, gospel, bluegrass, and more in this romping, rousing, two hour extravaganza!

Located in the gorgeous, stately resident Presley’s Theater, the Presley’s Country Jubilee legacy dates back to 1967, where the Presley family gained notoriety for performing in underground stages all throughout the Missouri Hills, where people from all across the nation would gather in various caverns to witness the acclaimed other-worldly talent of this incredibly unique family. The beloved and highly unconventional performing family finally outgrew their cavern venues, prompting them to open their own theater on the “Branson Strip,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Operating under the visionary leadership and expert guidance of Gary Presley (president of The Presley Company), who portrays the iconic role of Herkimer (one of the Presley Jubilee’s original headlining comics), Presley’s Jubilee continues to preserve and honor the Presley family’s enduring legacy through offering some of the finest quality music and most hilarious family friendly comedy you’ll find in the Ozarks.

Featuring an outrageously talented grand scale band featuring Mark Pearman on the fiddle, Dean Hollman on the steel guitar, Tony Carson on piano, drumming sensation Zach Presley, who is also featured on guitar, Greg Presley on the harmonica, Scott Presley on the guitar and drummer, Steve Presley, Presley’s Country Jubilee also highlights the undeniable talents of principal vocalists, Jay Wickizer (who also serves as the emcee), Devonna Wickizer, Ambrus Presley and Tim Gregg (who also showcases his extraordinary guitar skills throughout the production).

A few of the many stand out numbers throughout this high octane production include a distinctive twist on the Dolly Parton classic, “Jolene” and an infectious, toe-tapping cover of the beloved blue-grass tune, “Fox on the Run.”

Providing relentlessly hysterical comic relief throughout the duration of the show is Eric Presley, in pitch perfect character as the eccentric, hapless, goofy, and always-hilarious “Cecil,” a role he has inhabited since his childhood, creating moments of masterful comedic gold with the MC Wickizer, and unforgettable interactions with Herkimer (his real-life dad), and Lil’ Cecil (delightfully played by Ben Presley, who happens to be Eric Presley’s actual son).

Come see for yourself why the Presley’s Country Jubilee legacy continues to entertain, delight, and excite audiences from around the the world generation after generation!

(Special thanks to the incredible Ronda Shannon for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature.)


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