Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley experiences cutting edge cuisine with Roy Yamaguchi


Decorated chef, pioneer, innovator in the fusion cuisine genre, and serial entrepreneur, Roy Yamaguchi has worn many hats and brandished many titles throughout his illustrious career, operating an impressive number of wildly popular restaurants around the world.

Recipient of some of the most prestigious awards and highest honors in the culinary industry, Yamaguchi continues to set the golden standard with two of his bustling, highly acclaimed restaurants located in the heart of Hawaii: The Eating House, and Goen. Backstage Pass with Victoria and the team were afforded the exclusive opportunity to spotlight both of these restaurants to bring you the inside scoop on what to order and what to expect on your upcoming visit:


Located on the top floor of the world-famous, historically-rich, and iconic International Marketplace in Waikiki, Eating House 1849 offers a remarkably expansive menu, featuring a diverse array of foods and genres, fused together in unexpected, yet highly palatable and unmistakably aesthetic manners. Featuring a rotating line up of happy hour, Catch of the Day, Chef’s specials, and much more, the innovative Eating House team is perpetually finding ways to keep their menus fresh, dynamic, and exciting, thus keeping their massive fan base, of both locals and tourists, coming back for more.

My team was elated to return to this iconic restaurant, this time spotlighting the eatery’s delicious and delightful Sunday Brunch.



No visit to the Eating House brunch would be complete without trying the legendary brunch drinks:

Mimosa Flights: Can’t decide which Mimosa will satisfy your cravings? Why not order them all! The mimosa flight allows patrons the opportunity to experience an assortment of flavors, ranging from Mango Lemongrass, Tropical Fizz, Lilikoi Mint, and Berry, Berry Basil.

Bloody Mary: Combining the perfect elements of savory, spicy and hearty, this traditional breakfast libation is topped off with crisp applewood smoked bacon and garden fresh veggies, creating a combination of flavors that is sure to make your Eating House brunch experience even more memorable.

Our server, Kirka (who is actually the manager) was tremendously helpful in making recommendations suited to the individual tastes and palates of our group, and she articulately explained the dishes which had been hand selected for us to highlight by the Executive Chef, Randy Bangloy.)

Below are a few of our many favorites we tried during our brunch experience:


Chicken and Waffles: 50th State Fried Chicken, bacon, coriander and maple syrup.

Smoked Salmon Tartine: Invented 35 years ago by Yamaguchi himself, this dish features a healthy, hearty blend of avocado, 24-hour roasted tomato and pickled onions.


1849 EH Ramen: A satisfying combination of rich sesame broth, egg, roasted tomato, and pork belly.

Tempura and Poke Bowl: Shrimp, kabocha, asparagus and ahi. This dish offers tender seafood, brimming with flavor, followed by the distinctive tempura crisp.


Chocolate soufflé with Laporte ice cream (one of the most popular dessert items at Eating House, this artfully prepared soufflé combines the deep, rich, flavors of quality cacao paired with the cloudy, airiness of a well-prepared soufflé. Satisfying yet light, this dessert is a chocolate lover’s paradise and a perfect way to conclude your Eating House experience.

Vegan coconut sorbet

Pineapple skillet (with almond flour): The perfect sweet treat for vegan or health conscious guests who are looking to satisfy their post dinner sweet tooth with a delectable dessert featuring pineapple sourced locally on the Island.


PHONE NUMBER: (808) 924-1849

INSTAGRAM: @eatinghouse1849



Located in the peaceful, breathtaking city of Kailua (which is about 20 minutes from the city center of Honolulu, albeit much less crowded), Goen is another product of Master Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s creative vision, offering modern, fusion, and traditional Japanese/European and Island fare with a distinctive, somewhat indescribable flair you’ll only find at a Yamaguchi restaurant.

Featuring sleek interior design, ambient mood lighting, ample bar and indoor table top seating, as well as temperature-regulated outdoor options, Goen will surely become your “go to” destination after just one visit, as many patrons in attendance were clearly celebrating birthdays, date nights, office parties, informal soirées, etc.

The personable, knowledgeable staff, chic atmosphere, and eclectic assortment of delectable menu options to suit all tastes, palates and cravings are just a few of the many elements that have cemented Goen’s status as one of the area’s most popular restaurants.


Goen Lychee Martini: A creative twist on an island classic featuring vodka, Hana Lychee Sake, lime, Lychee.

Ko’olau Sour: Templeton Rye, Lemon, Lilikoi, Honey Syrup and Egg Whites.

Howzit…Goen?: Boasting a bold, distinctive flavor that is just as whimsical and creative as its name, this Goen signature drink, a customer favorite, combines Mi Campo Tequila Blanco, Hawaiian Chili, Mango, and Strawberry for a wildly unique cocktail experience you’ll only get at Goen.


Fry Basket (Portabella Mushroom fries, herb cream cheese: a zany, nontraditional take on a fry basket, this dish is a perfect, stick-to-your-ribs starter if you’re feeling extra hungry for something unique and unexpected.

Misoyaki Roasted Japanese Eggplant (featuring Kizami Wasabi & toasted sesame aioli)


Pink Dragon Firecracker Roll: Shrimp tempura and spicy tuna, avocado, smoked salmon, unagi and crunchy tempura flakes.


Truffled Gnocchi with Garlic Shrimp: Featuring tender, fresh shrimp, and local, homemade gnocchi that are brought into the restaurant daily by a local vendor includes Onda Gnocchi, Fontina Cheese, Alfredo, Portobella Mushroom Relish and Truffle Oil.

Pasta Arrabbiata: A bold, flavorful, and spicy dish named after the Italian word meaning “Angry”-as in “hot” or “spicy” will transport you to the depths of Italy’s culinary district: no passport required. Arrabiata is made from hot garlic sauce, dried red chilies, herbs, tomatoes and garlic, all blending together for a flavor that is completely one of a kind.

Special thanks to the incredible Robbyn and the entire Roy Yamaguchi team for their tremendous hospitality and for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature!


PHONE NUMBER: (808) 247-7127

INSTAGRAM: @goendiningandbar