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The Hughes family has been bringing world class entertainment to the city of Branson, Mo. for over 30 years, cementing their status as some of the finest quality, most seasoned entertainers in “The Music Capitol of the World.”

Featuring a multi-generation roster of performers ranging from toddlers to their grandparents, each and every cast member brings their own unique and dynamic brand of style, talent, and charisma to the stage, bringing together all the key elements of a stellar musical production.

Housed in a grand scale theatrical production venue with state-of-the-art lighting and surround sound audio technology, The Hughes Brothers produce four edge-of-your-seat, award winning shows including The Hughes Music Show, Re-Vibe, and Hughes Brothers Country BBQ Show (all of which we reviewed in our spotlight feature below), as well as the highly acclaimed Hughes Brothers Christmas Show, one of the most decorated and well-attended holiday shows in the city of Branson.



This headlining grand scale production show at the Hughes Brothers Theater features the entire cast of the Hughes family as they showcase their powerhouse vocal prowess, dance abilities, tight group harmonies and delightful instrumentals in a variety of numbers spanning a staggering array of genres. Featuring dazzling costume changes throughout the content-packed two-hour production, the Hughes Brothers Music Show combines some of the highest caliber overall entertainment quality you’ll witness in the city of Branson.

A dinner package is available as an option to enjoy prior to your Hughes Music Show experience, serving up a delectable, hand-prepared multi-course feast to savor in the elegant upper level dining area.

Many moments of comedic variety are integrated within this tremendous show, including themed video packages which illustrate a day in the life of the Hughes Family at “Hughes School”, compete with hilarious and heartwarming interviews with the Hughes family toddlers, as well as the Hughes Brothers and Hughes Brothers’ wives in character the principal, coach, and professors respectively. This memorable video package leads into a rousing, rampaging “schoolhouse segment” starring the Hughes Kids in full school room regalia as they sing and dance their way through numerous chart-topping hits throughout the decades.

Come see for yourself why the Hughes Brothers Music Show has been consistently ranked by both critics and fans alike as one of the premier shows in Branson’s bustling entertainment community!


Following years of requests directly from ardent Hughes Brothers fans for the theater to produce a show exclusively starring the enigmatic Hughes kids, the Hughes Brothers decided to afford full creative control to the fiercely talented Hughes youth to create, curate, produce, and perform their very own full scale production resident show. Thus, an iconic live theater experience was born and was added to the incredible roster of main stage Hughes Brothers’ productions.

Re-Vibe creates an atmosphere of relentless palpable positive energy, infectious good vibes, and a undeniably feel good approach to every single song and dance number that will leave you with a perpetual smile, long after you have left the theater.

The Hughes youth, ranging in age from toddlers to nearly 30, all exhibit and display their own unique musicality and distinctively individualistic approach to their performances, stunning the large audience the evening of our attendance with their non-stop energy and show-stopping vocal range. Featuring dazzling costumes, ReVibe serves up state of the art lighting and surround sound audio, and a stunning variety of pulse pounding, chart topping, pop, rock, and even a few country hits mixed in this two-hour song and dance spectacular.

Ashton, the resident Re-Vibe comic relief brings uproarious laughter to the show with his silly, hapless, quirky, and always hilarious portrayal of a country music fanatic, determined to turn Re-Vibe into a country music show at every turn, much to the chagrin of the other cast members.

Full of energy, positivity, and truly remarkable young talent, Re-Vibe is a show that simply cannot be missed at the Hughes Brothers Theater!

(Note: we highly recommend that you add the dinner option to your Re-Vibe experience.)


A nostalgic nod to the classic country tunes the Hughes Brothers have been bringing to life since their childhood years, Hughes Brothers Country is filled to the brim with all the country classics that have topped the charts and dominated the radio throughout the decades, good old fashioned country charm, and memorable tributes to a variety of country music’s most iconic superstars, all brought to life by the theatre’s incredible headliners, the Hughes Brothers, all decked out in full cowboy regalia.

Resident comedian, Jason Hughes, interacts with the crowd throughout the duration of the show, building rapport with the guests.

The Hughes, each infusing this laid back, lighthearted, and intimate feel-good show with their own character, humor, and personality are deeply present, in the moment, and authentically joyful throughout each and every tune they perform, bringing to the stage memorable performances of songs by all of country music’s most enduring icons.


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