Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley steps into the Grand Shanghai

Opened by country music superstar, the late, great, Mickey Gilley, Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Mo. has since hosted thousands of award winning live concerts,  performances, world class, grand scale productions, and variety shows that have thrilled audiences from around the globe for more than 20 years.


Johnny Lee, a decorated country music singer best known for his 1980 chart-topping single “Lookin’ for Love”, which topped the Billboard charts, stars in his own residency at the illustrious Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre.

The beloved country crooner display’s his signature country charm throughout his set as he interacts with the crowd and provides insights on the inspiration behind his hit singles and popular albums.

A delightful blend of irreverent and gruff, yet relentlessly warm and approachable, Johnny Lee also performs some of his tongue in cheek hits, including “If You Drive Your Husband to Drinkin’” and plays several video clips from music videos that accompany the songs he brings to life onstage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this legendary country superstar performing all his greatest hits on a stage just as impressive and storied  as the artist himself.


The show that truly defines Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre in genre, aesthetic, and content, the Shanghai acrobats have been gracing the iconic “76 Country Boulevard” in Branson, Mo. for over 22 years and counting. Featuring a world class cast of incredibly talented acrobats, aerialists, hand balancers, contortionists, and much, much more, Shanghai Circus is a dynamic entertainment experience for all ages which truly cannot be missed.

Emceed by self proclaimed “Artist of Oddities” Ziggy, the Shanghai circus is a non-stop adventure from start to finish, transporting you to the Far East with exotic costuming, beautifully choreographed routines, and edifying music, many of which have been specifically compiled to pay homage to the distinct culture of Shanghai.

Ziggy steals the show with many extreme, edge of your seats, and often just downright bizarre illusions, including a “nail through the head” trick, extreme fire manipulation, during which he consumes fire, running the flames across his arms and neck and creating a palpable energy of excitement and anticipation among the crowds in the process.

Additional standout moments include the iconic Chinese yo-yo, mind-bending feats of hand balancing and body contortion art, and a chair balancing segment which will leave you in total amazement with bated breath.

Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theatre affords guests the tremendous opportunity to savor exceptional entertainment spanning a large array of genres, all conveniently under one roof, so don’t miss your opportunity to join in on the action, and keep watch of this award winning theatre’s website for all of the exciting events and happenings.


PHONE NUMBER: (417) 336-0888