Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley issues call for ‘All Hands on Deck’


Relentlessly upbeat and filled to the brim with unbridled patriotism, world class song and dance numbers, a plethora of beautifully designed period costumes, and a bevy of undeniably feel-good vibes, “All Hands on Deck,” the brainchild of the visionary triple threat performer, Jody Madaras, All Hands on Deck is a rousing celebration of swing, big bands, and the music of the 1940’s.

Featuring a tremendously talented cast including creator/director/choreographer and the starring role of Ted Crosley, Jody Madaras (whose plethora of prestigious credits include work with Lauren Bacall and appearances on Broadway), Valerie Hill (associate producer who beautifully portrays the role of Betty Blake), the incredible soprano Sarah Joy McCord in the role of Daisy Maxwell (McCord’s impressive credits include “The Wizard of Oz,” “Smoke on the Mountain,” “Shrek the Musical,” and “Branson Murder Mystery”), as well as Clint Nievar in the role of John Handley (an avid tap dancer who can be seen as a tribute artist for Garth Brooks in the award winning Legends in Concert).

This award winning morning show in The Copeland Theater at The Meadows, a grand performance venue in Branson, Mo., just outside the main “Branson Strip.”

Madaras created this wildly unique musical extravaganza to pay homage to The Hollywood Victory Caravan, which was a two-week cross-country railroad journey in 1942 that brought together two dozen film stars to raise money for the Army and Navy Relief Society.

The cast –, boisterous and joyful — performs each number with great aplomb, including a rousing rendition of “The Pennsylvania Polka,” “All I Can Do is Dream” by the Everly Brothers, and Bing Crosby’s soulful, yet wistful, “I’ve Got a Crush on You.”

The ladies of All Hands on Deck shine in numerous standout numbers throughout this two-hour spectacular, including the iconic romantic ballad, “At Last” by Etta James, “All I Can Do Is Dream,” and a powerhouse cover of the rallying cry for the strong and steadfast women who worked at factories and shipyards during World War II, “Rosie the Riveter.”

Madaras, boasting his signature charm, verve, and vigor, shows off his comedic side during numerous portions of the show as well as in the hilarious original number, :Someday I’m Going to Murder the Bugler,” sung from the perspective of a disgruntled ensign who wishes to sleep in and get some peace and quiet from the buglers incessant “wake up calls.”

“All Hands on Deck,” a favorite of war veterans, Broadway style entertainment enthusiasts, and ardent fans of 1940’s music alike, is the destination for world class, original, feel good morning show entertainment in the city of Branson!

Special thanks to Jody Madaras and Sarah McCord for arranging o it visit for this spotlight feature..


PHONE NUMBER: (417)332-2772

INSTAGRAM: @allhandsondeckshow