Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley has a magical moment with Reza


One of the foremost and most influential, dynamic illusionists of his time, Reza has garnered an ardent fan base of magic enthusiasts of all ages globally, through his international tours and television appearances on Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us”, “Duck Dynasty” and many additional top rated television specials.

Reza affords his extensive fan base the exclusive opportunity to get a live, up-close and personal vantage point of his award-winning magic, in a pulse-pounding, edge of your seat illusion extravaganza that can best be described as a magic show meets a rock concert. Featuring state of the art lighting, an edgy-style aesthetic, and a rocking cast of dancers and assistants, a Reza experience is packed with both grand scale illusions and classic sleight of hand throughout the exhilarating two-hour show.

Housed in the expansive Branson’s famous 3,000 seat Theater (which also houses Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers, The Baldknobbers Vintage Show, and Doug Gabriel), Reza is the most popular and well-attended magic show in the city of Branson, and affords guests the incredible opportunity to witness the magic of this renowned illusionist and public media figure in person.

Reza, Branson’s newly minted Terry Award-winning “Illusionist of the Year”, blends a myriad of genres and styles of magic, curating a one of a kind, wildly unique show, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, starting off the show by building a warm rapport with the audience through sharing stories of how he first became inspired to be an illusionist and his earliest days of magic.

A few of the plethora of stand-out moments you can expect to experience at this critically acclaimed show include a brave assistant being carried through a large scale fan, mind-blowing feats of mentalism, a remarkable impaling through a grand scale power drill that you must see to believe, and one of the trailblazing magician’s defining signature segments, the Double Stuffed Oreo trick, where he somehow increases the amount of stuffing in a standard Oreo cookie by tenfold.

Audience participation is an integral and exciting element of any Reza show, and the audience is called upon during numerous interactive segments, including a portion during which a trepidatious volunteer was asked to place her hand in an ominous “mystery box” that may or may not be what it seems, and a group of volunteers indescribably disappear into thin air, right before the crowd’s very eyes.

Other unbelievable large-scale feats of magic involve a high-octane illusion with a motorcycle, as well as the climactic finale, during which a helicopter seemingly materializes from nowhere.

Reza is tremendously active with his fans on all of his social media platforms, so be sure to follow him for exclusive updates regarding tours, appearances, and fresh new content you won’t find anywhere else!

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PHONE NUMBER: (417)231-4999

INSTAGRAM: @rezaillusionist