Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley hypnotized by the magic of Myrtle Beach


Stationed in the heart of the bustling, wildly popular landmark Myrtle Beach, S.C. destination, Broadway at the Beach, the Charles Bach Wonders Theatre has quickly cemented its status as one of the top destinations in the city to find both exhilarating magic and raunchy, late-night laughs, all under one roof.

Owned and operated by acclaimed magician, Charles Bach, this theater draws a myriad of guests from around the world daily to take in some of the most astounding and wildly memorable feats of magic and hypnotism you’ll witness in Myrtle Beach.

I was given the opportunity to return to the theatre after the initial spotlight last season to bring you the inside scoop on what to expect during your next visit to this dynamic new theatre.


Featuring a unique blend of classic magic (including sleight of hand and vanishing acts), humor and cutting-edge, grand-scale illusions with a twist, The Wonders Show starring Charles Bach is edge of your seat fun for the entire family. This high-octane show incorporates dazzling costumes, life-size puppets, and stunning audio visual effects to bring to life a breathtaking Vegas-style show, unlike anything else you’ll find in town.

Bach, a consummate professional and exceptionally seasoned showman, creates a warm, inviting rapport with his audience throughout the show, incorporating his vast experience as a classically trained dancer into numerous routines.

Content-packed, aesthetically-stunning and relentlessly high-octane, the Wonders show incorporates various themes and styles of magic to keep the format fresh and engaging throughout the nearly two hour show, highlighting dance styles ranging from ballet, to jazz, to hip hop, and elements of magic ranging from the nostalgic to modern day.

Some of the many standout elements of the show include Bach’s legendary clothesline sock trick (which must be seen in person in order to be believed…a description here just simply would not do it justice), a mind-boggling disappearing act where the show’s star seems to vanish and reappear in real time,and several standout illusions by Bach’s skilled assistants.

Be sure to follow Wonders Theatre on all major social media platforms for exclusive behind the scenes content and updates on all the latest happenings, including the brand new Storybook Experience, which allows fairytale enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the real life versions of their favorite storybook characters.

Brimming with charm, showmanship, and mind-blowing feats of mystifying magic and thrilling illusion, Charles Bach’s Wonders show is sure to offer something to excite and delight everyone in your family!


Starring Steve Falcon (as seen on “Pawn Stars,” “90 Day Fiancé” and at some of Las Vegas’s top entertainment venues), this raunchy one-hour hypnosis spectacular is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, mixing rapid fire comedy, with mind blowing feats of mentalism and polished hypnosis technique.

Having successfully hypnotized thousands of people throughout his stage career, Falcon brings his keen understanding of the human psyche and his razor-sharp wit together to create a wildly irreverent and mind blowing show where a different cast of headliners is featured each and every evening: the audience.

The show begins with a few minutes of hilarious standup comedy to set the tone for the rowdy brand of antics to follow , before the show’s headliner moves into an in depth introduction of the art of hypnosis and the science behind the real time impending “mind control” set to take place during the show.

Falcon calls a group of volunteers onto the stage from the audience, a select number of whom will be the show’s stars, then implements several relaxation techniques that the audience can either try from their seats, or simply watch and marvel at the transformations right before their very eyes as the volunteers slip deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation.

Falcon takes his time to ensure that the volunteers are fully relaxed, while carefully and gently removing any who didn’t feel the effects of the hypnosis quite as much as the others. Once he awakens the group, laugh out loud chaos ensues as the “cast of players” is transported within their own minds to brave new worlds.

Typically, one volunteer will stand out just a bit more than the rest of the crowd.

A serial entrepreneur, Falcon is also spearheading many additional exciting ventures, including an axe throwing facility in Las Vegas as well as self-help hypnosis audio tapes, designed to assist a range of issues ranging from addiction to insomnia to anxiety. The acclaimed hypnotist is also known to post exclusive clips from his shows on his social media platforms as well as his viral You Tube shorts; therefore, you’ll want to find him on your favorite social media platforms for all the exclusive inside scoop on all things hypnosis.


PHONE NUMBER: 843-286-5003


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