Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley gets Iconic


Known for producing fresh, dynamic, and innovative Broadway caliber shows with some of the finest singers and dancers on the Grand Strand, the legendary Alabama Theater in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. is celebrating its 30th season with the launch of its brand new show, Iconic.

Featuring sensational costumes, a world-class cast of fan favorite and newcomer singers and dancers, and a stunningly curated line up of songs (ranging from Broadway to pop to contemporary and country), Iconic has already proven to be, well, iconic during its run at the Alabama Theater.

The show opens with a high octane performance of Walk the Moon’s Top 40 dance jam, “Shut up and Dance,” followed by a rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s sleek and sensual “On the Floor.”

Country music fans will surely delight in the toe tapping line up of country tunes in the show, including “Good Girl” by “American Idol” chart topper, Carrie Underwood, Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas” and the legendary “Mountain Music,” and “She’s a Lady Down” on Love by Randy Owen, complete with ground shaking instrumentals by the grand scale live band and polished and beautifully choreographed routines by the featured principal dancers.

Additional stand out numbers include an emotionally charged, soulful rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” an action packed performance of the Shocking Blue classic “Venus,” and the frustrated girl power ballad “I’m just a Girl” by the Gwen Stefani fronted 90’s ska band No Doubt. Classic rock anthems like Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4,” Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” also steal the spotlight during the two-hour show.

Veteran comedian and juggler, Slim Chance, provides comic relief for the show with a routine featuring plenty of laugh out loud audience participation segments, the mind-bending juggling of objects of various sizes (including a bowling ball and a rubber chicken), and a few good natured jabs at the trepidatious audience volunteers (if you don’t yet know the meaning of the term “Sissy Dog”, it’s time to get to the Alabama Theater). Slim Chance closes his acts with an uproariously funny and too outrageous to believe mind reading bit where he summons a volunteer to join him onstage as he makes tremendously difficult predictions regarding where the subject would like to vacation, where she will eat on said vacation, how much she will spend there etc.

Numerous soulful ballads will tug at your heartstrings including a stirring rendition of “Over the Rainbow” from the beloved classic “The Wizard of Oz” and the touching Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli song, “The Prayer,” with dazzling instrumentals that exquisitely accompany each poignant number.

Broadway enthusiasts will certainly be thrilled by the grand scale, ornately choreographed, superbly performed retellings of beloved Disney Classics, including a lovely performance of “Part of Your World,” leading into a jaw dropping, relentlessly fun performance of “Under the Sea”.

Another Broadway tribute, this time to “Aladdin,” features acrobatic dancing from a male principal dancer (who portrays the titular role in this number) and a brilliant performance of the Genie’s stand out track “Friend Like Me.”

The Alabama Theater regularly features top notch performance artists spanning a vast array of genres including the Oak Ridge Boys, Jay Leno, and the Edwards Twins, so be sure to follow this innovate theater online and on all major social media platforms to keep in the loop.

Special thanks to Adam Gullidge and the entire Alabama Theater team for hosting us for our spotlight feature!


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