Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley chills with the Boys and ABBA


Presented by the visionary team at the iconic Hamners Variety Theater , The Beach Boys: California Dreamin’ Show is a delightfully upbeat tribute to the original “Boy Band.”

Featuring a wildly talented cast of performers (who can also be seen at other shows and performances at this iconic theater), this high octane tribute show features an entire evening of chart topping favorites from the legendary 1960’s group, complete with informative, little known factoids regarding song inspirations, lyric meanings, band history, inside the group’s unique dynamic and more, which are projected onto screens on either side of the stage.

This dynamic nearly two-hour morning show kicks off to a rousing start with “Sloop John B.,” Ike and Tina Turner’s “River Deep Mountain High” (lead singer Brian Wilson was infatuated with “The Queen of Rock and Roll” and attended several of her recording sessions), “Good Vibrations” and the dreamy classic “God Only Knows.”

The show takes a tropical turn as the cast, decked out from head to toe in beach attire, harmonizes beautifully on “Kokomo,” the quintessential beach ballad.

The wistful rendition of “Dream a Little Dream” is performed near the closing of the show as well as smash singles from Wilson Phillips (a group formed by the daughters of Brian Wilson and John Phillips) including the smash pop hit “Hold On.”

Journey back to the 1960s when The Beach Boys ruled the airwaves and shaped the future of many “boy bands” we know and love today by reserving your tickets to this incredible morning show!


“ABBA: Thank You for the Music” takes audiences on a high energy trip through the legions of hits that dominated the charts during the unforgettable reign of this Swedish pop phenomenon. Featuring killer vocals, a wildly talented cast (whom you can also catch belting out breezy Beach Boy hits in the aforementioned “California Dreamin’” Show), retro bedazzled costumes, beautifully and effortlessly executed synchronized choreography and an expertly curated catalog of songs from these 1970’s chart-topping sensations.

Also featuring intriguing compilations of little known facts, bios, and informative blurbs regarding ABBA’s origins, artistic inspirations, meteoric career highs and saddening lows, this dynamic tribute show is must see for both die hard ABBA aficionados and those looking to get acquainted with their music.

This acclaimed nearly two-hour show kicks off with a beautiful rendition of the show’s namesake “Thank You for the Music,” while diving right in to some of the groups most internationally recognizable songs including “Waterloo,” “Take a Chance on Me,” “SOS,” and “Honey Honey.”

Fans of the Broadway smash sensation, “Mamma Mia” (which was later adapted into a wildly popular movie musical starring Meryl Streep) will certainly delight in the smorgasbord of relentlessly catchy tunes that you will instantly recognize from the stage production and film including “Chiquitita,” the delightfully cheeky “Does Your Mother Know,” “Super Trouper,” “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)” and the rousing rampaging “Voulez Vous.”

Exquisite vocals, a stunning array of music, and state of the art production value are just a few of the many elements that make ABBA: Thank You for the Music, one of the foremost tribute shows in Branson!

(Special thanks to the theater’s owner, award winning magician and performer, Dave Hamner , for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature)


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