Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley experiences a magical evening at ‘Illusionation’


Performed weekly at the Mountain of Entertainment Theater, “Illusionation: The Magic of Jason Hudy” is Pigeon Forge, Tenn.’s newest edge of your seat illusion show.

Combining classic sleight of hand, grand scale illusion, endless opportunities for audience participation, parlor magic and dance, this show is certain to offer something to satisfy everyone in your party.

Starring headliner Jason Hudy, an internationally acclaimed magician who has performed for top clients including ESPN, Hershey, Mitsubishi, and over 8,000 performances at theaters spanning the nation, this two-hour magic extravaganza also features two talented supporting players: the breathtaking dancer (who you can also see almost nightly in the dazzling Array Variety show) Katherine Langlois and the outstanding parlor magician Ray Adams (who you may have seen performing at a variety of other shows around town including an incredible run at Darren Romeo’s Magic Beyond Belief).

Illusionation kicks off with the amazing Katherine mysteriously materializing from seemingly out of nowhere on a motorcycle, and stunning costumes, striking choreography, and a beautifully curated music selection that help set this unique and entertaining show apart from the rest.

Hudy– warm, amiable, and approachable– never shies away from engaging the audience in conversation, participation, and exciting opportunities for interaction, and likely inspiring the next generation of magicians and illusionists in the process.

Each Illusionation audience member is also treated to an assortment of video packages, including a heartwarming throwback to one of Hudy’s very first magic performances as a child and a laugh out loud hilarious compilation of videos featuring animals being truly and utterly dumbfounded by magic and illusion.

Langlois, the show’s leading lady wows with a stunning light-spinning dance.

Ray Adams, the show’s resident mustachioed Parlor Style magician impresses with an array of feats throughout the show, perhaps most notably a “Shadow Puppet” segment, during which he projects an unbelievable variety of detailed, and instantly recognizable figures (including the three wise men atop camels, dogs and various farm animals, and a hilariously portrayed, yet lifelike, duo of Diana Ross and Lionel Richie performing “Endless Love”) utilizing only his hands, a few props, background music, a flashlight, and the theater’s curtains.

Fans of the brand of magic you might find decades ago in a speakeasy setting (including a remarkable act during which bottles of wine vanished and appeared in the mere blink of an eye underneath metallic containers as well as blocks of letters which inexplicably matched one another after being rearranged numerous times) will certainly delight in the show’s distinct nostalgic aesthetics.

A perfect afternoon family-friendly outing, Illusionation is truly a must see in Pigeon Forge.

Special thanks to Kolette, Emily, and the entire Mountain of Entertainment team for hosting us during our visit.


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