Naomi Teshia was early convert to joys of fashion


As Naomi Teshia of Exotic, Blaqued by Naomi tells it, she always knew she wanted to get into fashion.

As a child, she explained, “I used to design gowns and two-piece sets from scratch.”

When Naomi, a recent winner at Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase, finally decided to turn fashion into a career, “I searched around for at least two years looking for a vendor for the type of clothing I wanted to sell before deciding to teach myself to sew and make my outfits.”

She said, “Everything you see, I have sewn myself and taught myself. I learn every time I create a new look, like what types of fabrics to use, to what needles to use, to what looks good and what doesn’t. I pride myself on not selling anything I wouldn’t wear myself.”

She said, “My designs are mainly print-based… My favorite print is cheetah. I love it so much I have it tattooed on myself – twice.”

For more information, visit or Exotic | Blaqued By Naomi

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