More than just a runway, time to shop


On its Facebook page, Hartford Fashion Week posted:

“For the first time, Hartford Fashion Week will be providing a spotlight for local designers to sell. This day will include our runway designers as well as jewelers, shoemakers, vintage redesigners, and more. This event is free and open to the public. ”

Included on the list of vendors are: The Brother’s Crisp; The Trekking Studio; Krissy Dhibi Designs; Bad Bunny; 10Thirteen Vintage; Luxe and Curves; FasChinn; Troy Anthony; Zoe Clark; LàMoo Designs; Venom Vintage; Zoe Ilana Grinfeld; Ebony Amber Chunk; Sappho; Future Glass Clothing; Todd Andrews Couture.

Hartford Fashion Week will be held at Union Station in Hartford.
Potential vendors may reach out to