No fanny packs, please


Summer concert season is in full swing with the area music sheds– such as the Xfinity in Hartford– already bringing in your favorite country concerts.

Summer concerts and country music are made for tailgating. But when you go to a show or sit in the parking lot grilling burgers, carrying a purse or even a wristlet, can be cumbersome. And with your phone already tucked in your backpocket, do you really want to toss your driver’s license, credit cards, and cash into another pocket of your shorts.

Now, if you were grandma, you’d strap on a fanny pack. But those are so ugly.

So Walletbuckle is a great alternative. It’s a buckle with a slot that can carry up to five credit cards or the equivalent. And rather than ugly black nylon (even a cheetah print looks cheesy on a fanny pack), Walletbuckles come in a variety of stylish looks, even with a little bit of bejeweled sparkle.

While in college, co-founder Trevor Johnston had an idea of storing his credit card and ID inside his belt buckle. Sharing this idea with his brother, Justin, they spent years developing and perfecting the Wallet Buckle. With three patents protecting their designs, they officially introduced the Wallet Buckle in April 2015 at the Stagecoach Music Festival in California. In less than one year, the product has an impressive list of loyal and enthusiastic believers that continues to grow.

The nice thing about the belt buckle is that not only is it stylish, but it keeps your credit cards out of sight but within reach. All the better to keep your hands free for some snacks or a t-shirt to remember that Rascal Flatts concert all summer long.

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