CT’s Crinkled Chiffon to compete at Charleston Fashion Week event



In the world of fashion, Charleston Fashion Week has made its name known as one of the penultimate steps up the ladder before you arrive at New York Fashion Week.

The well-run event often attracts top designers who showcase the collections that just made their debut in New York Fashion Week. Some of the local designers who have shown in the South Carolina city have competed on “Project Runway” and have made the journey to New York themselves.

One of the features of the event is its “Emerging Designer, East” competition, which pits young designers against each other each night. Each designer offers up a capsule of their line to see who gets the chance to show their entire collection at the finale event.

When Charleston kicks off this year, there will be a bit of New England in the house.

Crinkled Chiffon of Hartford—designed by Sarah Morookian and Christy Hughes— has been picked for the 2017 event, which runs March 14 to 17. (Crinkled Chiffon recently was featured at Hartford Fashion Week.)

Although there is a Connecticut connection, Morookian and Hughes are no strangers to the south. They both attended Georgia Southern University and were roommates in college. Hughes is from Athens, Ga. And although she lives in the Hartford area now, Morookian said she is from Richmond, Va., having attended high school in Jackson, Miss., and lived in Savannaha, Ga.

We caught up with Morookian via Facebook to talk about CFW and what to expect from Crinkled Chiffon in the Emerging Designer competition.


Q: How does it feel to be tapped for Charleston Fashion Week?

A: Honestly, surprising, but I’m completely honored that Charleston chose our designs to compete.


Q: How did you hear about the Emerging Designer competition in Charleston?

A: I went to college a couple hours from Charleston in Georgia, so many students would volunteer and intern at Fashion Week.


Q: Why did the event appeal to you and your partner?

A: It’s very well known, short of New York Fashion week, and gives us the opportunity to shine in the southeast region where we both are from.


Q: What was the process you went through?

A: Just a lot of brainstorming and drawing. My co-designer lives in Athens, Ga. so many Facebook conversations went into the process.


Q: Did the organizers offer any feedback after you were accepted?

A: Only that we were selected to show.


Q: What do you plan on showing… existing dresses or creating from scratch?

A: The Emerging Designer competition requires that the collection debuts at the show.


Q: How does it feel to represent Connecticut at this event?

A: It’s amazing, and still pretty surreal.


Q: Beyond showing and possibly winning, what kind of impact are you hoping to have from this?

A: I’m hoping to expand our brand name, and hopefully Crinkled Chiffon will be a household name one day. We just have to take it a step at a time.


For more about Crinkled Chiffon, go to CrinkledChiffon.com.

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