Model Confidential: BAGGS


“Model Confidential” is a series where we meet the people who make the clothes come alive.


Name: My name is Jaalib but everyone knows me as BAGGS

Age: 23

Home state: Connecticut

Why do you like modeling: I like modeling because it frees my mind to open up and help me be myself. It builds up self-confidence and helps me be comfortable in front of people, random people at that.

Your fashion icons and why: I would say A$AP Rocky & Young Thug but more Young Thug just because of all the backlash he gets and people talking down on him. He doesn’t care what anyone has to say about what he wears or how he poses. That’s a big problem now with fashion nowadays, people aren’t comfortable with themselves because of the negative feedback they receive. They feel like they have to be identical to everyone when they should just be themselves.

Your favorite designer and why: Honestly, my favorite designer is my older brother Naiym Johnson. He has windbreakers, crewnecks, hoodies, and shirts out, and the fabric is so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to take them off. He’s so into it and watching him break every little pattern down and fabric is a good feeling. I love seeing my brother doing something he actually loves and staying on it, that’s motivation.

Describe your wardrobe choices when you’re not modeling: Well, I just go in order and start with looking for a top. People nowadays just look for the flyest shoes and just throw anything on because the shoes may look nice. The top explains and completes your whole outfit. If you have a fly shirt and pants then the shoes would be easy to pick out., Whatever your outfit says, that’s what your shoes have to say.

What’s your guilty pleasure: MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.

The one thing you can never leave home without: I would say my camera. Ever since I got a camera, I would honestly will leave my phone and forget all about it until it’s time to post pictures on Instagram and be so surprised that I have so many notifications.

Favorite music: I like hip hop. A$AP Rocky, Travis $cott, Young Thug.

Favorite food: Chicken/Shrimp Alfredo.

How can someone book you? They can contact me via email ; and visit

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